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I picked up the compressor, power supply, hose, and air brush at a local thrift store for under $10. I didn't realize it was specifically for cosmetics at the time.

I figured that out when I got home and looked it up online. I asked my wife and daughter if they were interested. They were not. (They've never watched the infomercial and aren't familiar with an airbrush system so I think they found the apperatus somewhat intimidating.) Personally, I don't use cosmetics but if I did I could just as well apply them with a paint roller for all the good it would do!

I'm a reasonably handsome guy and I even have long hair but make-up would do little more than make me look kind of scary. I think if it was done with great care by a professional, the result would be even more frightening. So, I thinned down some acrylic paint and applied it to something other than the face of a human being. Went on pretty smooth.

When I was done I rinsed it with water but I wasn't satisfied that it was adequately clean, so, I disassembled the airbrush. Keep in mind, I have successfully dissassembled and repaired objects that no amateur should attempt. (Digital cameras are a challenge. Wrist watch: let's just say the mortality rate leaves ample room for improvement.) Air brush, piece of cake; or so I thought.

I could have paid closer attention as I took it apart. It took me many, many attempts before I finally figured out how to correctly position the little thing that sits next to the trigger. The rest of it was obvious but that one part was murder! Now I know.

The relevant point I would like to share is that the airbrush itself is a pretty well built unit. It's not cheap junk. It's all finely machined components that assemble really nice. No plastic and no washers means precision machining.

Otherwise it would leak like a seive, which it does not. Not a drop! So, there you go. If you ever decide that the traditional look just isn't working for you any longer.

Perhaps you feel as though you're a Smurf or an Oompah Loompah trapped inside a human's body. You can now move forward with full confidence. Armed with your Luminess, you are fully equipped to make the big jump to the new blue you!

(or orange, etc.) Keep in mind, paint may not be so easy to remove and has been known to cause a variety of undesireable and uncomfortable conditions when introduced to the inside of one's ears, nostrils, eyes, and mouth. I'm assuming makeup isn't exactly delicious but I guarantee it holds a decisive advantage over paint whether incorporated into an entree or served a la carte.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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