I called to order the luminess product & your telephone person quoted me a total price of $187.91 because I request to pay everything in one payment instead of every 3 mo paying $39.95 for the 3 shipments. She said this amount would cover the unit & the makeup that comes with it & also included the 3 shipments of makeup every 3 mo.

When it came to the 1st shipment, I get an email that my credit card was not available for the shipment to be made, they could not charge my card because I cancelled it figuring this is exactly what would happen. When I called & spoke to a David today over the phone he told me that for $187.91 that only included the unit. I told him the lady that totaled up the cost to pay everything in one lump sum stated it included all the future shipment of makeup and the unit also. There is a lie somewhere, I would never recommend anyone to purchase your product because of the lies.

The makeup is real nice but the deceiving information & cost is unreal. It is called rip off. She also stated when I ordered that I would be given $50.00 gift toward future purchases. There was no code or paperwork sent or given concerning what I was to use when I purchased anything.

Also my email address has been overloaded with their advertisements.

You will have great advertisement for your company & your product on this end of the country, everyone I see or know when mentioning makeup, it will be advertised to stay away from this product & this company. Nice makeup but I feel cheated & ripped off !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Pensacola, Florida

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I ordered it a few years back after watching the infomercial. I was charged way more than I was led to believe.

It took two weeks to receive. The said money back guarantee if not satisfied. I was not satisfied! I felt they lied.

I was going to send it back but read that I had to have an authorization code or they wouldn't take it back. Sounds easy right? They will NOT give you the code. They answer then put you on hold, but no one ever comes back to the phone.

I tried many times but to no avail. I held for 30 minutes the last time but no answer. So I called my credit card company and let them know what the company was doing. My credit card company called luminess with me on the line.

When they heard her they immediately patched her through to the head person who begrudgingly gave me the code but told me I only had a few days to get it back to them because the started counting the 30 days from the moment you order not after you receive it.

They are so crooked! I paid to overnight it back to them and will think twice about ever ordering anything from tv again!


I did a review “not reputable to advertized aspect”; My issue is with billing. Not product itself...

BE AWARE!!! Though yoxu’ve cancelled (mine was Feb, billed again in April. Thought I was finally rid of Luminess air. Looking at my online banking, found a billng AGAIN in August!!!

No products, just BILLED.

BE AWARE!!! To monitor your method of payment.




I too was misled and lied too. I ordered after watching the infomercial advertising the SAME deal you describe 3 payments of $39.95.

For a 30 trial of only $19.99. Yet I was charged Near $40 for my 30-day trial and 3 months of $49.94. Numerous emails to Luminess and all I get are 'scripted' responses. I called my bank.

I also contacted VISA, I've filed a report with them. I suggest anyone using a VISA do the same, they need to know. I KNOW I never signed up for a "pull however much you like - whenever you like" plan. But this company with it's illegal & purposely misleading business practices must think the consumer has.

To me this is theft. Plain and simple. At 3 payments they were expecting FIVE total! The agreement said 3, even the infomercial.

ALWAYS ALWAYS RESEARCH - Search various browsers (each offer different information) for Reviews & Complaints. I'd be leary of the company too new to have any of either. And Avoid like the plague the company like this one that has SO MANY COMPLAINTS!

It's disturbing how this company remains in business. Only to Lie about their products & Cheat patrons out of their hard earned money.


Just reading comments, will help me decide if I'll order or not.

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