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I bought my Luminess Air 1 1/2 years ago. From the begining I had some problems with the stylus, it would splashed all over to the point that nothing will come out, anyway I did everything I was supposted to do, even leaving the stylus in alcohol and hot water, as the "supervisor" told me to do so.

of course it didn't work!!, all of this I'm saying it took about 2 weeks!!! for someone to finally fed up with my constant calls and complaints to say ok send it back, and we will replace it for a new one!!, but you still have to pay $30 CAN, cause instead of paying the full "199.99" you only pay $30 because your are a club member blah blah blah!!...

So check this now, I had to pay for something that it never properly worked in first place, pay for a replacement and delivery charge! but it doesn't finish there..after dingling and dangling with the not bad but TEEEEERRIBLEEEE "customer service" department..

they finally sent me a replacement for the broken one, I received it, went to try it and guess what? the freacking stylus didn't work!

even worst than the last one!!, NOTHING will come out, tighten as ***!!..yes they sent me an used one rather than a new one!!... I got really desapointed and cancel my credit card cause I din't wan't to deal with this "company" anymore. The story doesn't end there!!!... a month later I saw a GOOD airbrush, much better and way cheaper, but because I had the other one decided to compare quality and guess what??

IT DOES NOT TURN ON!!!, it's dead!!! it doesn't work!!!! So please if you don't want to throw out your money and don't like been treated like garbage!!!

DO NOT BUY LUMINESS AIR, YOU WILL REGREAT IT, LIKE I DID!! not a reliable "company". *** ARTIST!!!!!

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Luminess air did not cancel my order like they said they would. I ordered it than called 5 mins later and said cancel it.

They assured me it was but two weeks later one came in the mail. They charged my card 39.95. I sent it back without opening it! They would not refund my money.

I had to argue beg and plead finally they said they would only give me $20 back. I cannot believe it. I did not order it and I did not open the box I returned it with the proper return authorization number but was still charged. I told them it was against the law to charge for nothing they said it was their company policy that they charge.

I cannot believe them. Terrible rip off.