I signed up for the trial. When my product came one bottle of foundation was unsealed an opened the bronzer bottle had exploded all over and my packing slip said something about a product called love (not received) I called customer service they seemed very accommodating and the woman said she would send me out new foundation and bronzer & love I told her the color was too dark so she sent me a shade lighter .

She also told me that when the product got to be at the end of the week she would extend my 30 day trial period for another 30 days.called back a week later to confirm the date the trial ended they told me it ended. I would be owing payments for several months. Makeup set into my wrinkles making me look older. I sent them several emails I tried calling over the past month to confirm I would not be shipped more make up it’s bad enough I have to pay for something I was lied to about.

But make up came one foundation, blush and eyeshadow which I don’t use that was disappointing. Today I received two bottles of foundation shade 4 I’m a 2-3 shade + something called erase I never ordered I received an email from them saying that any further make up would be not sent to me per my requests however this is a month after my request. they did notify me I will still have to pay on the system that I wanted to return as well as not refunding me for the make up they sent. The customer should not be held accountable for employees Who lie & dont respond.

I don’t know if this is a scam or just bad business practice. save your money and get it off Amazon they will except returns and live up to their word.

Or try another airbrush system company. This company will drain your time emotions and your wallet and no not rectify or refund even if it’s their mistake

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup Free Trial.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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