This company will do anything to get your money. They say they guarantee the color match.

Well, when I proceeded to identify that they sent me the wrong color, they said they would send me out the correct color at no additional charge, but as soon as I hung up with customer service, I noticed they had attempted to charge my card for the exchange in color. It was only due to me having an alert on my bank account that they were not able to charge my card without my authorization, but they sure tried! Also, they said that I would be given an additional 30 days trial to try the system with the correct color. Well, they never sent the correct color, and they proceeded to attempt to charge my card for the first payment of the 4 payments I originally agreed to when ordering the system.

Luminess Air is a ripoff! I requested a Return Authorization at least 3 times and I was completely and totally ignored! After 3 attempts and calling and yelling about their deceiptful ad and poor customer service, I finally was given an RA#. But as it has been already stated by others, they didn't give me a return address.

So, I simply used the address that was printed on my shipping label when I received the system. Also, I never should have been charged for returning the system, but they made me pay to return it! They will make millions because millions of us have ordered the product and it is a shame that they prey on people who will simply give up trying to return it and bill them for what they are not using! I don't feel that the makeup comes out of the airbrush evenly...

it spits and sputters and it doesn't give me an even finish.

It's not for me! But I wanted to share my story so the others of you will know that you are not alone!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Luminess Air Pros: It was an okay product.

Luminess Air Cons: Foundation colors were off, Being overcharged, Unethical.

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Wow,I'm not alone.I thought I was an idiot since this was my first time purchasing anything online.These people are rude and I've paid dearly for my mistake.They even sent me make up I didn't ask for and charged me.I'm on disability and they took the last of what I had for the month.I have a 12 year old and have 6 dollars to live on for 26 days.These people don't care their taking advantage and giving false statements about their product and payment arrangements.I thought I paid them for what I got from them,and their response to me was you need to read and pay attention when you order things on line.They tried to turn it around like I'm the dumb one and should of known better.Thank God I have people I can trust with my money because they will not get another penny from me.I'm so mad at myself for not seeing all of this before I ordered.It's nice to see that I'm not an idiot they have misled allot of people.It's so disgusting and to think I was gonna surprise a frind.These people are a joke.I knew it was too good to be true.


What you need to do is file a complaint with consumer affairs they have deceitful and fraudulent tactics and I would also report them if you use the Visa card or MasterCard to the main office of MasterCard and Visa I know visas in Los Angeles I don't know about MasterCard what will happen is they'll investigate if they get too many complaints they'll suspend their you either temporarily or permanently of credit cards put them out of business they're *** I won't return their machine because I'm not going to pay to return the *** and after reading the reviews even if you return it they say they didn't get it it's not in good condition don't do anything not to give you a refund and they think you should pay to send it back they told me they're going to put me in collections I said bring it on then I went to consumer affairs haven't heard from them since I suggest everybody start bombarding consumer affairs with complaints against luminess air

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