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I'm disappointed. I found myself having to use more and more just to get similar coverage of my regular foundation.

It is really thin and watery and easily comes off your face. It doesn't spray evenly and seemed to enhance my wrinkles, as opposed to minimizing them. I was also confused if powder (blush, eye shadow, etc.) should be applied afterwards or if you were destined to buy other wet, runny Luminess products to serve these purposes. I really wanted to like this, but my regular foundation provides significantly better coverage and less work.

I never saw results anywhere near that of the commercial.

Save your money. Hopefully somebody will come out with a product that is able to deliver the results we're looking for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Foundation.

Reason of review: deceptive advertising.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Have the advertisement match the outcome of product use.

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I totally agree it makes my face dry show pores bad and I'm orange with freaking crows feet and alligator skin at 28! I bought the mineral air it's cheaper and works WAY BETTER than this overpriced pos I'm stuck paying on plus the auto ship foundation I even used the boost it primer,eraser ,and blush BEFORE and used light coats it comes off in splotches it is just TERRIBLE!

MY REG FOUNDATION AT 6$ IS WAY BETTER or the mineral air!!!you can order it on Amazon for like 80$ with foundation it charges and it's not a headache to clean like this. Luminess SUCKS!

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