Seattle, Washington

I ordered this and I am so worried that it was a huge mistake. I don't want it now that I've read these reviews and and now there are all these charges on my card.

I haven't opened the package and planned to return it but the second one came before I could get a customer service person on the phone or the chat or email to refund and return this . I can never get a hold of their customer service and they seem like a total scam. I've never had this kind of trouble with anything I've bought from Infomercials so I didn't think to check reviews first. Now I'm paying for it.

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, FIND A SIMILAR PRODUCT SOMEWHERE ELSE, IT ISN'T WORTH IT! It seemed sketchy when you call and everything is a recording rather than a real person and they try to up-sell you for 10 minutes on the phone, wish I had listened to my intuition & never given my card #.

It seems they ignore their customers and give them the run around endlessly and do not refund no matter what.

If you've managed to get any charge reversed/refunded on your card for a return please comment and let me know so I will have some hope. Right now it all feels like a huge waste of time and a serious rip off.

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do not listen to this luminess air comment above. I hope you did not open the package and sent it back i have had it for a few months and i am stuck with it because it is past "30 days " bs its cakey and gets up my nose and all over my hairline which the infomercials says it does not!

LISTEN TO ME RETURN TO SENDER!!! not to mention they have charged my card 59.99 4x this month alone.

what company does that! i am livid because i cant do anything about this whole process with this company!


Thank you for your Luminess Air support! We encourage you to open up your package and try your system!

If you wish to return your package instead please give us a call at 1-888-793-7474 M-F 8:30-5:30 CST and we will gladly take care of you. You can also email us at


I ordered Luminess Air during the ABC Good Morning America special, luckily, I only paid $89 for it BUT, it is cheap and the makeup is way too heavy, I look like a made up clown! Going back to my MAC makeup which is also heavy BUT nothing like this.

BTW, when you call customer service you speak to someone overseas and before they get on the line you listen to a distorted voicemail which you can barely understand, sounds like they used a house phone machine to record the message. Anyway, don't waste your money!!!


The $29.95 for the trial is not refundable, only the $49.99 deposit they don't tell you about is refunded. The "money back guarantee" doesn't cover the $29.95 - total scam!


I've had charges reversed when I didn't receive an ordered product. The company wouldn't credit me, so I filed a dispute with my credit card company.

Was a bit of a hassle filling out info for them but was worth it. (That's why I like using my CC card - always have some recourse) The best option, which I've also done before, is to refuse to accept delivery.

If you're not there when the package comes, take it asap to the delivery folks and 'refuse delivery'. The company should remove the charge when they receive it, but don't know if this Luminess outfit will charge other fees.


:upset ....I ordered yesterday...I paid $138.00 and then I see its on sale for $89.00. I see this site and I am a little scared so I call the number they gave me and I guess it was shipped out yesterday but wont be here for 4 weeks.

How is ground shipping going to take 4 weeks from TX. Sounds fishy. I was told to call back Friday and get a tracking number. I hope this thing works like it should.

I ordered mine on a debit card so they wont be putting any surprise charges in my card. :zzz :zzz To anyone that has it, how does it work??!