I am trying to return their product....it sucks and I can not wear it. I was to return it by 10/10/2019.

I suffered a mild heart attack which put me out of commission for a bit. I call Luminess to explain the circumstances...the girl was rude! She indicated she could not extend ...I asked to speak with a Supervisor; she said "He is busy and will tell you the same thing!" I told her it is my consumer right to talk to a Supervisor....she put me on hold for a while...came back and said "we will extend time to 10/23/2019 this time only....you will not get another extension. I told her thank you and she gave me the return number.

We hung up. Today, I just happen to check my bank account, Luminess is trying to take a payment with is 3x what was owed from my checking account.

This was unauthorized and I have contacted my bank. If this is only way Luminess Air can make a sale: by hiring out of country operator, fraudulent actions and totally rude people....they need to shut their doors!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I don't want REFUND....I want to return this product and never do business with this company again..

Luminess Air Cons: Coverage, Coverage fruadulent return policy.

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SCAM, *** product, stay again!

Jill W

I had to contact the BBB in Texas. I filed a compliant.

Got most of my money back. It is a scam. Wish I would have checked out this product before hand. I read so much bad on this company.

Dont know how they stay in buisness. Had I not filed a complaint, I would not have got my money back.

Hope more people file. Good luck

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