Claremont, New Hampshire
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I was excited to receive the Luminess Air as a Christmas gift. WHAT A JOKE! The system failed to spray on the 3rd use. I was ONE month out of warranty so the "Customer Service" rep told me the BEST way to remedy the situation would be to REPLACE this device with a brand new device!



FYI...all of their email accounts will bounce back as they are full! Probably with complaints from dissastisfied customers like ME!

Monetary Loss: $95.

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I can concur the system is not great, and their customer service is abominable. One thing you need to remember, your stylist can become clogged.

Backwash it. pull the needle out of the back, and put your finger over the tip and turn it on and flush the system that might help. A little petroleum jelly on needle helps as well.

Backwash your stylus every use, you don't have to remove needle each time.

Their customer service is one of the worst I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

Good luck. Glo


You can buy the basic airbrush almost anywhere for less than $10 and it will connect with the compressor Luminess uses. When I first ordered my airbrush, the one I got didn't work.

I sent an e:mail and they called me. I was sent a new airbrush (received in 4 days) and was told I could keep the first one.

I love Luminess makeup. It doesn't smear, rub or stain.


Well perhaps Alana with Luminess Air [or ANYONE THAT HANDLES CUSTOMER SERVICE] should do her/their job and contact me directly? I'm happy to supply that person with my contact information so we may connect offline.

OR OR OR...wait for it, how about Luminess Air should do their due diligence to investigate why their airbrush component continue to fail.

Like the very satisfied employee, I mean customer, above stated, it would be brilliant to receive an email OR call from the Luminess Air company.

How does one employee, sorry - again customer, receive a new airbrush in 4 days and all I get is "We suggest you purchase another unit..."

Do your research, "Happy", most of the online reviews regarding Luminess Air's customer service are atrocious. Best of luck to Luminess Air with your defective products and appalling customer service!


You go girl, I'm going for employee.

The tone and nastiness of the letters extrapolates the lack of customer service, or rather their real customer service experience.

I seriously have never encountered a company like this before, I'm astounded.

Here's a *** question, why do most successful companies demand their employees give great customer service?


I'm a very nice and forgiving person and I have never been so offended.


I disagree! I have more clothes that have permanant stains on them from being so frustrated that the stylus wouldn't work properly that when I held it looking to see if I could find the problem, the cup spilled on some $$$$ clothes that CANNOT be


The cup emptied immediately; if you watch the infomercial on t.v., you'll notice that they don't keep the camera on

the person using the device for more than a few seconds. I have not met anyone who is satisfied with this horrible product! When I

contacted customer service, they asked me for another $22.00 and said to send the original one back. I did it.

How *** am I???? They sent the 2nd stylus & it worked the same way; horrible!!!!!!


If you bought a car and your warranty expired wouldn't you be responsible for replacing the part??? PLEASEEE read up on expired warranties before you post again...


Hahahahaha.. well said!!

Even MORE importantly.. if it breaks down on day #3 are you gonna Wait for 13 more month's ( one month after expiry AT THAT!!! ) lmfao. Bcuz I highly doubt she waited 13 month's to EVEN try it.

Yeah righhhhhhtttt. Like every other woman, your anxiously awaiting that box. And when it arrives ya can't hardly make It to the kitchen to grab knife and start ripping it open!!!!! NO frigging way are ya gonna Wait for MOVE THEN A FULL YEAR TO TRY IT!!!

And if She DID actually Do THAT. It's her own faulty brain's fault!!!

DON'T get On here trashing the company. JUST totally rude or what???


Hello, This is Alana with Luminess Air and I just so happend to run across this posting. Here at Luminess Air customer service is of utmost importance to us and our goal is to provide each customer with exceptional service.

All of our systems come with a standard 1 year manufacturers warranty that covers any manufacturer defects. We are here to help and it would be our pleasure to speak with you in regards to this or any issue you may have.

Please feel free to contact me at 1-888-793-7474 ext.1228. We are in the business of making our customers happy so please never hesitate to contact us.


You can't be serious, Alana?

I DID call to try and resolve my issue but was told I was 3 months out of warranty and to PURCHASE a new unit. Honestly, I used the equipment THREE times and it failed.

You may need to retrain your front line staff to handle customers. I would suggest having them read and live by the book "Service America". It will be quite useful for your uncaring "customer service reps". should have seen the look on my Dad's face when I opened his gift. I don't have the heart to tell him what a low-quality gift he bought me. I really don't...Do you want to make that call to him?


I am so sorry that you feel this way. Again, there is a standard 1 year warranty and you will never pay full price for any replacements during the first year.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail please contact me or our customer service department and we will do our very best to work with you. Also, if you received anything other than superior service from our staff please contact me either by phone or you may email me at and I will make sure that your concerns are addressed immediately.

@Luminess Air

Reading the reviews on this site, and others, your firm has an ISSUE with customer service and product quality. Empathy is not going to make the unit trigger work.


Your product continues to fail, specifically the trigger. You sell JUNK!

@Luminess Air

I would like to no if your product is as good as you claim.why can't the consumer decide if and when they need more makeup.why does luminess want to send a person more when you don't no if it is needed or wanted.I do not like the idea of this.why couldn't a person order it than contact you if they want more.this just tells me you are gonna keep charging my card.why DO YOU ADVERTIZE AS ON SALE 19.95 DON'T you really mean only your first order?AND THEN EVERYOTHER MONTH 59.99 please respond at thank you.


Hi Alana.. don't sweat it girl.

Her entire review was nothing BUT a waste OF space. Not credible whatsoever!!.

I'm going to still Do My research. Luckily I could see right through her review..

REVENGE REVENGE REVENGE. luckily the revenge reviews are the one's that stick out like a fat.

" Thumb " lmao. Soo NO worries


Shut the *** UP Harley Skank! The op stated it was a gift & on the 3rd use it didn't work anymore! Learn to read beotch


I was going to order this product until reading all these reviews! Not going to happen now!!

Alana, let your company know that customers service is important and so is product quality! Because I took the time to research customer's reviews I will not order this product!!!

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