Tried to cancel this. The product was not for me.

Could never get an actual person on the phone and I love how the bill says just go online and log in- real funny! There you can do nothing except buy more. I strongly advise against it unless you love this product because you will have to love it forever. They just keep sending it to you.

If you call you get a complete run around and waste of your time. I may have to cancel my credit card that they have in order to resolve my issue and that is ridiculous.

I order most of my products online and the other companies I use are accommodating and work with you to get things to your satisfaction. This was a huge disappointment.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: I just want my account closed.Please! .

Luminess Air Cons: Unable to cancel account with satificatory experience.

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