With Company response

I ordered this product based on television commercials, and thought that the price of $34.91 as very reasonable. I assumed that the replacement makeup would cost more down the line, and that was how the company planned to earn its profit. WRONG!

Once I received my confirmation invoice, I noticed the fine print: "Customer Service may be reached M-F 8:30AM-5:30PM Central Standard Time by dialing toll-free: 1-888-793-7474.

You will see a charge of $34.91; on your credit card today, and then after thirty days there will be 5 monthly payments of $69.99 for the cosmetics system, each charged to customer provided credit card(s)."

Are they kidding me??? At a total cost of $384.86 I NEVER would have ordered this product! I really wish that the commercials would have been a little more upfront, and I should have looked for the fine print at the time of ordering.


T. Clark

Perry, Georgia

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

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Thank You so much everyone. I had place my order early today understanding the 19.95 dollar charge for the trial after taxes 27.95.

Some how I was tempted to see how happy people were with the reviews and Oh My for my surprise so many negative comments. I got so scared that I immediately went online to cancel and make sure that there was paper trail of my conversation since I read that customer service reps are rude. I knew I was going to be charged 3 payments of 39.95 if I decided to keep it.

But just to think that I was going to have all this unnecessary charge to my bank statement I rather not even try this. Thank God they cancel my order so from the bottom of my heart Thank You Ladies :)


They also tack on a monthly “makeup subscription” for about $40 a month that must people have no idea about until they check their credit card statements months later. It’s crazy!

When you call about it they offer to refund the subscription fee when u return the makeup they sent but then when u send it back they say they didn’t get it and to try back later. They did this to me and many other people.

They are not transparent about the charges upfront. It’s such a scam.


I wanted to order this machine to try it based on the infomercial but I read the fine print. 30 Day trial $19.95 include free shipping, after the 30 days the system is yours for only 3 easy monthly payments of $39.99 (for a cost of $119.97).

Thanks but no thanks. This information should be mentioned in the infomercial.


Has not even been 30 days and they have charged me again. So much for a free trial.

I will call today to cancel and send the system back. It didn't work anyway.


I ordered this off of an infomercial thinking I was getting it for half price of 4 payments of 19.95 with nothing ever mentioned of a make-up club. I have already been charged 302.61 in 3 months with them stating I still owe on the machine.

I have never received any make-up other then what came with it. I am a widow on a fixed budget and have stage 4 cancer. I cant afford this.

when I called they were very rude and refused to give me back any of my money. Please don't fall for this..


Sorry you feel ripped off. Informercial clearly states $19.95 is for the 30 day trial, then irlts like $39.95 for 3 months where is the problem.

You saw $19.95 price which is 50% ususl cost of trial (which is actually first payment unless you return it before end of trial). None of this was a surprised to me, I paid my bill moved on no problem. You can cancel any shipments prior to them being shipped. You can't expect them to be willing to cancel when its time for order to ship.

You know if you want it, cancel as soon as you can,.

No problem cancelling whatsoever. I emailed them it was done, email leaves a paper trail, complaining about it here does absolutely nothing to fix the problem.


Company rep


I wasn't under the impression that the $19.99 was merely the first installment of more to come, at twice that price. Let me tell you (and anyone else who wants to know) the makeup is nice because it's not heavy like the foundations I'm used to buying.

The airbrush system is a good idea - if you're very coordinated and remember not to turn the wand upside down and pour the makeup all over the clothes you planned to wear that day. I think that if I watered down my usual foundation and applied it with my finger tips in light layers instead of trying to glob it on like drywall topping, I would get the same effect I get with this airbrush system. I cannot even use the airbrush to apply their makeup. I tried it and was immediately frustrated and disappointed.

It's no where near as easy as they make it appear on television of course. It does not transform my face and wrinkles show up even more than if I didn't use it at all. NOTE THIS: if you have imperfections in your skin such as blemishes, spider veins, scars, etc you are instructed to use a concealer to hide these things before before applying their makeup with the airbrush system, so I ask you, what about their system is "transforming" my face? Oh yea, the concealer is not included, you must use your own - something they forget to tell you about in the commercial.

I don't remember EVER seeing one of those beautiful women applying concealer before they use the airbrush, did you? The makeup would be better if it wasn't orange. I don't like orange skin. It makes me appear as though I slapped one of those old tanning lotions from the 70s all over my face, unevenly and blotchy looking.

Yuck. I can go on and on but my number two biggest regret is believing anything could make wrinkles disappear and transform my face the way I saw on television. ... My number ONE biggest regret is the $44 charge I just saw on my account for ????

I was NOT made aware that they would charge me for anything until I ordered something from them. My advice to anyone considering this: Forget it.

Water down your favorite foundation and apply it with a clean makeup sponge. (The airbrush system DOES get in your eyes, in your hair, and anywhere else the wand points either on purpose or by accident.)


Thank you for saving me troubles financially and about how it does not show concealer and bad results.


Thank you for your information. I have definitely decided not to get the system


Thank you for revealing all the unstated truth about this product. Definitely will not be ordering it.


Well written! I’ve been a idiot before with scams like this I guess I wised up by the time I was 35??

(or was it 50..?? Haha! If you are young tho, 18-30 ask your Mother about offers like Luminere before signing up for AnyTHING! Those companies target your youth and BANK on your naïveté that you will NOT read the fine Print!

I will finish with a priceless TIP. This TIPis actually the most important part of this message. I hope we ALL will remember it and put in to practice WHENEVER we come across a great “SOUNDing Offer” that’s just too good to pass up! TIP- take a couple extra minutes and click on TERMS and CONDITIONS.

(All Companies /Offers have it.) It’s THERE where they SPELL out the WHOLE TRUTH about this “Great Offer” (just pay S&H! ). ..oh really?? Also all future charges on your credit card, etc, etc.

- and an explanation IN DETAIL just EXACTLY what we are REALLY getting into concerning a FINANCIAL COMMITMENT. It’s way more easy to get hooked into than it is to get OUT of it. Remember -Read TERMS & CONDITIONS Look for a Dollar $ in the Text with a hefty monthly increase and read there. DO this every time and I promise- it will save you a lot of unnecessary STRESS and needless loss of !

There. I feel better now..


It most certainly does do something! It warms others from falling into this fraudulent trap!

Interesting how you are concerned with someone else’s complaint.

You must be a representative of the company. You sound like you speak from another country anyway.


I totally agree. Why get so upset w a negative review?

Unless perhaps she does work for the company Both negative and positive comments help other women to make a decision with full knowledge. The company certainly is not going to tell you the “transparent “


Rude to the other lady who discussed her point of you. She did NOT need your unwelcome advice


Thank you


I know there are different ones. However, the infomercial which prompted my order DID NOT state anything whatsoever about future payments.

It DID say it came with trial size makeup which you could choose to keep coming with the club purchase. It never once said a thing about a payment plan for the machine. It was very deceptive in making it seem as though they word trial was added due ONLY to the makeup. I never opened my box before they started taking more money out which was between around $40 - $50 weekly.

Oh and btw, I declined when prompted to join the club. Though, they disregarded my selection and put me in the club anyway and charged my card for it. GOOGLE LUMINOUS AIR AND YOU'LL SEE THIS DEVICE AT WALLY WORLD FOR $50!!! I OFTEN buy things online for cheaper than a brick & mortar store.

So I thought nothing of paying about $10 less... Or so I thought I was paying! There are literally thousands of complaints about this companies fraud. Everyone CAN'T be wrong!

I write contracts on a regular basis. I have common sense and I am not an idiot! The ONLY reason they got me is because I didn't read reviews before purchasing. My bank has reimbursed me and is investigating the charges.

No matter how many times I called, they ALWAYS said there's no documentation on the computer that you've called... REALLY!?!? They've gotten comfortable in their little scam! Don't let them get away with it ladies!

Fight back, file a claim with your financial institute.

They know what they're doing is wrong. Otherwise, they wouldn't be lying!


ALSO, idk why they've given me this name but I'm offended! I've also changed it but yet it still reads Squeaky Tibetan Mastiff. ~Natasha Jovic~


Thank you for ur review! I’ve decided against purchasing because I saw the ‘free’ makeup but, you’re right, they never say a word about it and I’d be pissed if they charged me for that club too!

I read their contract and saw those charges but the concealer and the ‘club’ you speak of are not mentioned. Explains the $300 charge another lady mentioned.

NO WAY! Again, thanks!!!


The commercial does NOT say anything about ANY future charges to our credit cards. My friend and I watched the commercial over and over again and neither of us saw such a thing.

That is a false statement.

Anyone who has been ripped off by this company ought to file a complaint on the Better Business Bureau website: https://bbb.org They need to know about all the money this company is pilfering from their victims. Also if you are being charged for things you did not authorize you need to contact your credit card company and file a dispute.

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