Bellevue, Washington

This company is horrible scam! I will give you reasons!

#1. The product sucks! It does not work as advertised and it stinks on your face!!!

#2. They advertised $19.95 special plus if you want rush shipping for $17.50 it will get there fast! False! I got it in about three weeks!

#3. They charged me $19.95+$17.50 and in few days WITH OUT my authorization they charged me $59.99

I called and they say its for their own protection and if I return the product they will refund that! So I emailed them for a full refund and that I returned the product and they wrote me this:


Victoria we are sorry that you were not happy with the system. However the shipping cost of 17.50 and the 19.95 trial is non refundable. Your refund will be 59.99 which is the deposit as stated in the terms and conditions. We apologize for any misunderstanding.

Best Regards

Nytrice B.

Luminess Air Customer Service

I called my bank. They said if it does state that in their term and condition they cant do nothing! ***! This company is a rip off. They do not tell you that your trial and shipping is not refundable and they do not tell you that they will charge you extra $59.99

Plus on top of everything when you return your product they give you an expiration date! In other words if they dont get the product back by then you will NOT get your refund!

Horrible nasty company! Nothing to show for! Not worth it! I use young blood foundation and its the best thing out there and works better than what this crapy company advertizes. The bank put a block on my account so in case they will try to charge me. But for all of you ladies out there. DO NOT BE BURN! They are a fraud!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $105.

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I think that people need to learn how to read/listen!

I've been using Luminess Air for over 2 years and I LOVE this product.

I have slight facial eczema and it works fabulous on my face.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a professional make up artist to use.

It's water based and good for your skin compared to other products.

Yes the products are a bit pricey but so worth it.

Anytime I have had to contact this company I have had ZERO issues!

Bottom line is this company is perfectly fine, people need to learn how to read and/or listen better and this make up is fantastic!

I'm living proof....

@Luminess Lover <3

Luminess Lover <3,

You you think L.L. Bean or any other successful customer-oriented business would survive with deceptive business practices employed by Luminess??? And why do they use FINE PRINT to sucker simple people with limited resources into their fraud and take steal their money in the process. The real "kicker" is - Why do they hire and retain such unprofessional people to handle their phone traffic. Well, I'll tell you why - it's because they are not honest and ethical in their business practices.

You want to blame the nice, simple people for not being good readers/listeners. Shame on YOU! It is this unscrupulous company that should be blamed, not the people they deceive.

Shame you YOU - the only thing you are "living proof" of is that there is a breed of rich, naive Americans who do not care if simple people are robbed. Stand by and cheer for the bad guy if you think that is the right thing to do. Scold the simple, hard-working American ladies for not reading the 5 point fine print of this dishonest company. Go ahead - stick your finger in their eye. The FTC and the Postal Service will eventually shut down this unscrupulous bunch and you will have to look elsewhere for your overpriced makeup. Ciao!