i sent my airbrush kit two weeks after i ordered it. paid cash.

I sent 12/23/18 check 3 weeks later they say they never received it. that is a lie ! it has never been sent back to me through the post office. Paid cash can't find receipt.

asked them to check warehouse and any other bin the package could be at. i got the same generic answer we do our returns every day. so i cancelled the club what happens i get the monthly club product the next month. after i brought the product i called twice on hold 40 minutes so i hung up.

called 3 more times rep said i couldn't talk to anyone and someone would call me back never got a call back. like i said this is AFTER i purchased my kit.

personally i think they repackaged and resold or an employee stole it. they are, dishonest, unprofessional, very rude and really reps act like they don't know what is going on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Location: Stafford, TX 77477, USA

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I would also like to join a lawsuit if there is one. A month ago I completely paid off my account.

And now for the last three or 4 months I've been charged every month for $1 and then also another time for $38.95. These are two separate charges, but every month... I just noticed... And like I said, this is after I completely paid off my system 3 or 4 months ago....

And what's up with the two separate charges one for a dollar and then the other for the $38.95, seems kinda strange, besides the fact that I shouldn't be getting charged at all..

I really hope they take care of this.. we will see??


I meant that I noticed a month ago that they have been charging me, but i paid off in full 3 or 4 months ago... sorry I should have edited better before posting.. is there any way to edit a post that you created after posting it??


I would like to join the lawsuit. This company is the biggest scam I have ever dealt with


I return my Luminess back to the address that was provided which was in Australia and they saying they didn't get the package also and I sent it by postal so I have a postal code and everything so they want to keep charging me any just because they don't have it but I sent the item back


Customer service is HORRIBLE. I asked to speak with someone that spoke better English then the person, named Leonard, I was talking to.

Found out that after I canceled my membership, they forced payment through a closed account of mine. I blame the bank for that also, but when I called this company all "Leonard" did was laugh at me and kept saying "you owe money, you owe money".

Something needs done with this company. How do you start a class action suite against them???


I agree that this is a dishonest scam. I still have the unopened box and three more packages.

They advertise 19.95 and you end up paying over $350.00 plus monthly fees.

Hard to reach customer service. Don't order it!


I agree, called in, received RA and sent UPS next day well before deadline. All I've received is $1.08...now, how does that work. Certainly for Luminess but not me without a refund.

Marsha S

Ugh, just purchasing the product you automatically agree to arbitration. Unfortunately no class action lawsuit.


I will join as well. marshasbryant79@***.com. I'm in collections now after they told me my account had been taken care of in March.


I have tried to cancel with them I have called them and argued they have taken out unscheduled money out of my account that left me in trouble with other bills put my in collections and still taking unscheduled money at double the amount agreed. To out of my account and now have taken more than the air brunch has cost in the first place. I this back in November of 2019.


I would happily join in a class action suit against Luminesse Air. If you have already gotten a lawyer involved, please contact me at stinelenette@***.com... it takes two to do the class action tango!

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