Belleview, Florida
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I ordered the product, paid an extra ten dollars for an upgrade. Started reading all the bad reviews and decided to send it back unopened.

Contacted them today and wanted to know where my refund was. Their sorry excuse was they charged for shipping and closed my account so they kept my $35.00. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE THIEVES!

I told customer service that I would spread the word about how terrible this company was and her reply was "have a great day".

So I am starting here, will post on Facebook and anywhere else I can think of. I will only order from reputable companies from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Luminess Air Cons: Poor customer service with returns.

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Ok thank you just saw the commercial and was going to order but now I am not who needs extra grief?

Luminess Air Response

Hi Kelly,

We certainly would like to apologize that you feel this way. Many reviews online are of misunderstandings regarding Terms and Conditions that Luminess Air fully discloses online.

A Return Authorization Number must be obtained before returning the package back to us. Refusing a package may incur a 25% restocking fee. Please know that Luminess Air is an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, as we fully state all Terms and Conditions for all customers online.

Unfortunately, we are not able to make every customer happy that does not understand terms. For misunderstandings as such, I have no problem refunding the amount paid, as the system was returned back to us unopened.If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at

@Luminess Air Response

I am watching your commercial so this is why I googled your product and saw the above.... Please do not insult us by saying you require an authorization number for an unopened package. The name and address of the customer is right on it so you have no excuse as to who to credit....keep your shipping but refund the difference and quit playing games.....I won't order your product because of how you insult people by saying they don't understand your terms and conditions....quit making them so customer un-friendly....we all know you do it hoping the customer will just let it go....and to say "have a good day" when someone is upset is just *** need more training!

Luminess Air Response

Hi Diane,

We do apologize that you feel this way. Here at Luminess Air, we offer a 30 day in home trial offer.

By sending a package back unopened,without a Return Authorization Number, could possible cause a customer to be charged if package is received after the 30 days. The Return Authorization Number postpones payments while the package is being sent back to us.

This method is used to help our customers, as we are not wanting to charge for a package that is in transit back to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-793-7474 Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm CST, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Luminess Air product or Terms :)

@Luminess Air Response

I am so upset right now I feel like crying. My mom is almost 70 and was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year and is now in end stage renal failure.

She lives on a fixed income of $854 per month. Back at Christmas time she must have seen the ad on TV and wanted to make herself look and feel "pretty" again so she bought this product. It arrived and it was never even opened as she's getting sicker and sicker. Today I am trying to figure out her savings account as she's been short every month .

I went to her card online to track purchases and was shocked to see this company show up with charges every single month since December. On the 1st and 5th of the month EVERY SINGLE MONTH - this company deducts 2 transactions separately. The first is always $35. The second one?

$82 every month . So in summary my poor mom is having $115 stolen from her meek account every month . Over $800 at this point. And I will add she has only received items for 2 out of 6 or 7 months.

What she did receive was literally a tube of make up x2. I know that the original item was her responsibly and I would simply take that as a lesson. But $115 per month ? Even if she received something for the money, it's such fraud and just disgusts me how awful people can be.

I honestly cannot believe this happened to her .

Thank God I at least caught this now. Please beware.

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