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I saw this product on an infomercial tonight and thought wow how cool this is exactly what i need and have been looking for...decided to do some research and found WAYYYY more negative reviews than positive so therefore i will not be buying this product. Such a shame how they false advertise!!!!!!

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Wow.... I read a lot of negative reviews here!!

It's no one's fault but their own that the fine print was not read. I know I got overly excited waiting on mine to arrive... It took 18 days but 10 of that was after Federal Express had it. I love the product and had I read the fine print I would have opted for the over night shipping.

So.... while this may seem are not a customer but rather a negative person that chose to rely on other's bad experiences.


I just ordered the Pro System for my wife, unfortunately, it won't arrive in time for Christmas, but I read the fine print and knew going in that the trial fee starts a five payment process, and that the 30 day trial period gives us 30 days to try it and decide if it's something my wife wants to continue using. The price ranges from $200 to over $800 for home versions of these airbrush makeup kits, so hopefully, you knew going in that this wasn't going to cost you $19.99 to keep the entire system.

As with any review site, regardless of the name, reviews always skew toward negative ratings, so why waste your time writing reviews if you're not "pissed" or being paid to shill for the company?

I'll let my wife try it out, if it's something she likes, we'll keep it and pay the five monthly installments and cancel the automatic refills until we know how much of this stuff she goes through each month. If she can get the kind of results I saw in the infomercial, I think she'll be happy with my "better late than never" Christmas gift.


I have one and I LOVE it. The makeup is kind of pricey but it takes 10 years off my face as long as I don't put too much on. Your wife will be very happy!

Luminess Air Response

Hi There,

We definitely apologize that you feel this way. We are in no way false advertising, as we state Terms and Conditions upon ordering.

Please keep in mind that Luminess Air has millions of customers that we serve and it would be hard to find a lot of positive reviews on a website designed for pissed consumers. We are also A+ accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have been for 10 years +.


I just ordered it..will get it in a week, and will give my opinion. I am also on yelp for restaurant reviews.


Wait, so you never tried it, but you're reviewing it? That sounds fishy to me.


I was thinking the same thing, I'll try it then give my opinion, not go with who says what without knowing. If it's great or bad, I will be back to give my opinion.

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