To whom it may concern. Dear Sir, Madam or Miss.

My RA# 12293438-121017 I am going to send back the package, but there is missing one item (LM004CE FREE GIFT-4 Cavity Eye Shadow Palette) because back ordered, will ship as soon as product becomes available. When I send back the package should wait until I get the item or just send back what I got now? So I call the Luminess Care customer Service toll-free number 1-(888)-793-7474 and wait for a long time.Finally someone answer me, just ask me the phone number and said call me.

about a hour still no answer. My Return Authorization Number will expires on 12/10/2017 Thank You.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Free Trial.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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The airbrush does not work the way they say it works on TV. They are very pushy about not giving you return policy information.

Im very upset with them they want to kerp your money and try to convince you to keep the product. Dont buy anything from them it will save you all this trouble.


Good luck. And when you send things back, hold onto your tracking number FOREVER.

Even if you confirm that it was received, you have to be able to prove to them that it was received or they keep charging you month after month. VERY dishonest business practices.


Luminess is a highly dishonest company. They make it impossible to return products and cancel membership.

They will keep billing you even after you have cancelled your subscription.

Their customer service representatives are also rude. Save yourself the trouble and DO NOT order any product from them.


I am about to return my system. She gave me the "RA" number but no address where to send it! I really hope the return goes better than the delivery and experience thus far...


Im looking for the address to send it back and cant get it. Do you have it?


If you don't read the fine you will experience a huge problem I return the merchandise the unit and make up through my husband job no tracking number which they demanded from me don't have the product I know they have it but they are trying to exstort money out of me with threats and a late fee on no product they will get no more money from me I already gave them about 98.00 on nothing so read the fine print they will rob you blind and harras you via email


Agreed. I thought I was trying a product and would get a refund.

Not true! I'm out the $45 I spent to "try" it and now I have to pay to ship it back.

They say they'll refund the shipping. Yeah, right.


I experienced a bad situation also and trying to figure out how to return the darn thing and get a refund. So angry .


Make sure you get the "RA" number. Also ask for address where to send it.

I did not and now have to call back and wait around on the phone. They tried to take a payment on an earlier date then was set up. I also called my bank to let them know I cancelled. After you send it, call them with the tracking number.

Good luck! Fingers crossed for me too!


hi please dont charge anything from my accont my customwer accont# is 2689526 please send me a label ASAP to return de prouduct cancel my orders ........ de dint work for mee


They don't send labels. I asked. You have to call them for an "RA" before you can return it and to stop further charges supposedly.


this machine is a ?????? leaks takes for ever to apply.

Please send me a return label ASAP. Do not charge anything to my Credit card. My Order # is 4545454545 Cancel the whole order .

I would not tell anyone about this machine, getting pissed off !!!!! I should have listened to others about this !I was worned


I found out my daughter ordered your product without my permission by using my bank card. I need to send it back to teach her a lesson.

I need that RA # NOW! 1 515 778 9412. I have called TWICE! No response!

Pissed off.


Shauna L Jones