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First of all, I have to say that at first I thought that people were right about all of their claims but then I started working for LuminessAir and it is so annoying when you get several customers saying that they "didn't" know about the trial period, installments and etc, specially when they placed the order online where you can CLEARLY see all about the payments and pretty much everything, they don't even need to read the T&C section to check all that information. I even tried myself calling to the sales department and said I wanted to get the machine and they explained pretty much everything to me, it is true that they told me everything real quick but they did tell me for sure.

People just see the "$19.95 or the $29.9" or whatever it is now and they just stop reading, its like they inmediately go blind after seeing those amounts and they don't even have common sense...

I mean like c'mon, they look at the machine (which is really nice and good looking btw) and say "Omg IT IS $19.95, this is a bargain" Please.... Oh, and then they get pissed when the agent says that the trial is non refundable just because they didn't read T&C where it specifically says "Trial is non refundable, full price of machine is", ridiculous...

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You do NOT "clearly see" anything about any other payments but the $19.95. I went through the website from which I ordered with a fine toothed comb-- there is NOTHING in there about the additional fees or the actual cost of the unit.

I didn't see ANYTHING about it until I read the fine print (BECAUSE I DO READ FINE PRINT) on the packing slip and by then it was too late. I called and they said I could ship it back to them at my own expense and just be out the $20, or I could get charged the 3 additional $45 that I didn't agree to. Well, I just called my bank and reported it as a scam, and they agreed. Funny how the bank saw it as a scam, if it's just oh so legit and everything is disclosed.

Charging people something they didn't agree to is stealing, and frankly: you're a bad person for working for such a company.

Your salary is being paid with money they stole from people like me, then you have the audacity to suggest those who were scammed just didn't thoroughly read? Whatever helps you sleep at night sweetie.

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