After reading several reviews complaining about over charging customers I called my bank. I was under the impression when I ordered Luminess Air that I would be charged $19.95 for the first month (aka free trial) and $39.95 per month for three months.

Period done with payments for a total just under $140.00. Well, after speaking with my bank Luminess has charged my bank account twice in June (when I purchased the system) on the 16th $43.94 + $1.00 and $38.95 + $1.00 on the 22nd. I never paid $19.95! Again in July on the 16th $43.94 + $1.00, and on the 22nd $38.95 + $1.00, August 17 $43.94 + $1.00 August 24 $38.95 + $1.00.

TOTAL: $254.67 I received one shipment of makeup a month ago which I don't need, and did not order. I still have plenty of what came with the system. My bank said I have been overcharged $115.82. I have only had the system for three months!

I was told by my bank that this is fraud, and they issued a claim against Luminess for the return of the overcharged funds they have taken out of my account. Since today is Sept 13 and in about three days another $43.95 + $1.00 will be taken out of my account I CANCELED that debit card! So I will have to go the bank for a few days if I need more cash, it's worth it! What is the $43.94 for?

And what a joke charging $1.00 every transaction! Even the bank laughed at that! What happened to the $19.95 free trial??? I am shocked that a company that is so well advertised is getting away with this outright thievery and fraud!

This must be how they can afford to have a way too long commercial at every program break!

I wonder if there is a class action lawsuit??? I'm going to check right now!

User's recommendation: USE A PRE PAID DEBIT CARD!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $116.

Preferred solution: Get my $115.00 back and see this company investigated for fraud.

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