I purchased this online on Feb 23, 2019. Based on infomercial it now has 2 yr warranty ($19.95+3 installments of $59.99 But it's actually $64.94 with the service fee, total of $214.77).

I received the product a few days later. Free foundations and size upgrade are not worth it because 3 of the foundations did not match my skin tone. I loved how the foundation #50 looks when the machine was working.

On Mar 1, 2019, the machine stopped airbrushing properly, even after cleaning according to their instructions. I called it in then they sent me the replacement tool tip right away but it still did not work.

I called it in again and this time I asked them to replace the compressor and the tool tip. They charged me $2.95 for service/shipping fee? Also, I was told that in order to have the warranty, I have to keep my subscription to their make up $39.95 with my choice of frequency. This time the system started working properly and I loved how my make up looks.

1.5 months later after the 2nd one,I think the compressor is not working again because it will not push the make up again.

My credit card expired and I could not update it online because my online login never worked.

Their system says I have no record. Good thing.

I do not recommend this product. Even with the 2 yrs warranty, if the compressor keeps breaking, that means I cannot apply your make up properly until the replacement comes in.

I also do not have the time to spend numerous hours talking to them on the phone to keep replacing parts and paying an additional $2.95. Once they have your credit card info, they'll charge you!

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