After viewing luminess infomercials for years I took an ambien and as I was falling asleep, I was watching the commercial and, after weighing the initial price quoted (I believe $39.99) and hearing the full money back guarentee I figured there was nothing to lose (BTW - I don't even wear makeup!) I have always heard them say they give full refunds, even if the product was used. I then received a bill for almost $500.00 on my credit card. Luckily it was only about two weeks after I ordered the product, which I had not even used yet. I opened the product, looked at it, NEVER USED ANYTHING in the box, resealed it, followed all paperwork instruction, got RA, insured it and returned it in less than 30 days. The following month I found a charge from Luminess for $149.88 on my discover card. I called Discover to immediately dispute the charge. They transferred me to their dispute department who assured me they would address the charge. When I got off the phone with them I called Luminess and addressed it myself - and was reassured, after going over all the above details, that the charge was reversed. I then received a letter from Discover stating that they had resolved the charge and I was not responsible for it.

The following month I found the charge on my Discover card once again. I got no help from them even though I have a letter assuring me the charge was disputed and resolved. Discover is now washing their hands of it and expects me to pay it. I called Luminess and got a *** excuse that I had to take it up with my bank. I asked why do I have to take it up with my bank since I NEVER paid the bill in the first place as it was allegedly reversed. I never used ANYTHING sent me. The customer service person told me I was supposed to have used it (?) I'm so angry at their false advertising, that they lied and stated the charge was reversed, that my Discover card sent me a written statement as well stating the charge was reversed and are now charging me the $145 charge yet again and have washed their hands of it as if they never removed it. Discover was as useless and unhelpful as was the customer service person I just spoke to at Luminess. He then stated he was emailing me information that I am to take to my bank. When I opened the email to peruse it, it disappeared. I am so frustrated with EVERY aspect from the intial intro charge advertised at 39.95 to the (approximately) $450 charge initially on my discover card to the point I did not touch the box except to reseal it and followed EVERY protocol concerning its return. Then to be assured the $145 charge was effectively wiped out by both Luminess and Discover only to be recharged it a month later and not getting ANY help from either company concerning said recharge which I was already told by both companies was resolved I am beyond livid. Neither company is giving me a straight answer, have lied and are not backing their word.

Do not fall for their false advertising - they should be brought up on charges for the numerous false claims and their outright thievery. DON'T get involved with them. I hear their product stinks anyway.


Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Location: Plantation, Florida

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Wow. Thanks for your review.

My suggestion is to report your Discover card as lost and ask for a new one. The new card will have a different number.

Your old card won't work when they try to charge the card. I would also report this to ftc.gov/complaint, click on the FTC Complaint Assistant icon, and answer the questions.


they need to be closed down

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