I ordered the system for my daughter for christmas. since then I have had 8 payments taken out of my bank account.

although they have not overcharged me, they brak up the bill to take out many small payments. there's 26.80 for membership in a re-order club I didn't know about then 1.00 for something then 15.94, then 42.94 for a regular payment. , then three seperate charges for 25.72,1.00, and 8.00 for something they agreed to refund to me, And then at the end of Feb and end of march there will be two more payments to finally pay off this system. Don't believe the 3 easy payment scam.

It will be several small payments.

and my problem is keeping up with my bank account, because you don't expect so many payments and don't know how much they are and when they're coming out. so in conclusion, you don't exactly get overcharged but there is no 3 easy payments as indicated in their commercial.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Luminess Air Pros: Product.

Luminess Air Cons: Seperated charges instead of 1 combined charge, Whole scam of the infomercial.

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Luminous is still taking money out of my account., even though I canceled it! Wasn’t 3 pymt like advertised and still continues to this day!

Sent message today through their fb page!

If it doesn’t stop.. I will go to next resolution!


I received an email stating that the first of my installments had been returned by my bank. I called Luminess cust.

support...NOT. I was issued a case no. as they investigated what the problem was and would call me with a solution, as there was ample money in the account. Two days later no phone calls, I called back and gave case no.

I got Luminess on a 3 way call with my bank. They confirmed to Luminess that there was over 10k in checking and a 0 balance on my visa. They explained that it shows a transaction trying to come through and dropping midway . Again Luminess promissed to investigate internally and call me, but did not.

I called them back two days ago, gave them the case no. and for the 4th time explained the problem. They told me to go ahead and give them my credit card to try and process payment. On the phone I was told that payment had gone through.

Last night I received another email stating the payment had not gone through. After reading all the negative posts I will carefully review my accounts to make sure they have not bamboozled me.

At this point it is easier for me to return product. This is a lousy company that creates a negative stigma on what could be a decent product, by their lousy customer service

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