hi my name is Minerva Heath and I order the Luminess Air systems before the holiday before. December 2018 I called before January.

to let you know that I wasn't interested no longer in the product it wasn't good for me but however I did keep the product and pay for it I called and canceled any. any orders that were on their way or any future orders. you continue to send me. makeup.

however I called and you told me to send back the last six bottles of makeup that I received and you would reimburse me after I would. I would call back and and let you know. actually I called and you told me to send back the last six bottles of makeup. that I had received.

and I had received. that I had received. and to call you back with the tracking number and you would reimburse me or credit back my account. the number that I have for you is not a working number I don't understand what's going on but your phone has been disconnected I want my money back and this is not good for your company you are still our advertising your makeup I need the number to take care of this immediately or I will seek legal advice cuz I'm not going to deal with this.

thank you for your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated awaiting your reply I remain since the alien respectfully a pastor and me or Pastor Minerva em Heath. I may be reached. at. directly at 760-672-3576.

thank you and. I bless.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Luminess Air Cons: Product.

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