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luminessair has over charged me 2 times now cant seem to talk to any one always get *** machine,i have stopped payment on credit card,today they ahve charge me 29.99 then 59.99 and agiain 59.99 this month,i was not told what the cost was,when i talked to person to order,i told him i did not want to be put on automatic delivery,so far that part is right i have not received any more make up,but they keep charging me 59.99 every month.and the dam thing is a piece of ***,

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Watching the commercial they never tell you that you will be billed monthly for the unit in addition to the monthly shipment of product. I watch my credit card daily and saw the 34.99 hit my account (what I thought I was the 30 day trial).

Two days later I see another charge for $69.99. I called the number listed on my bank statement (8:30 central time) at 8:35 a.m. and was on hold for the next CSR for 15 minutes. The CSR was very unfriendly when I told her the commercial was false adverstising and she preceded to tell me to read the receipt that was emailed to me.

I firmly told her that no product shipped and I wanted everything cancelled on my credit card. Reading the other reviews I am praying this CSR acted as instructed because I do not want to call this place again.


I watched their infomercial. I thought it was such a bargain, so I ordered it.

When the package arrived, I read the small print included on the paperwork in the box and realized they were going to charge me $59.99 every month for 6 months. What a rip off. Nothing was mentioned about the 6 months of billing.

I have returned the entire unit and hopefully, that will be the end of it.


it is stated on the website that they will charge you six monthly payments of $59.99 for the one system. Always remember to read everything you see on a webpage; the big print giveth and the small print taketh away.

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