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I inquired about this airbrush machine last year but was undecided about it so they started mailing me post cards with special prices and promotions and I still didn't get it, so one night I saw it on t.v and decided to call them and tell them who I was, that I was already in their system and I wanted to buy the machine at their discount price or promotion price they had been sending me letters about, long story short, I bought it for $80.00. Well I didn't really like it, I tried all different kinds of ways to use it and still I just don't like the look of it on my face.

I have the right shades and I even held it futher than 8 inches from my face and then having to clean right after you use it, who has time for that when your getting ready to go out, my regular makeup look just as good if not better, so I called them for a refund, only had it two weeks and they proceed to tell me today I bought a refurbished machine and that all sales were final, meaning I could not get a refund. Omg, I was so mad, a refurbished machine? I would not have even wasted my money had I known that to begin with and they said they told me I could not get a refund on my money if I didn't like it, that is such a lie, I am not a mental case and I know what I was told and not told, so they acted like they were going to help me today and said they would let me listen to the recorded call and I said for what you could have edited and put what you wanted in it by now, no I don't want to listen to nothing I want my money back, this is not right to treat people like this, I wish I knew about this review sight before I bought this ***.

I'm going to my bank and get my money back from my card, tell them I was scammed and im writing the better business bureau and consumer affairs and the headquarters office also. They will not get away with this and don't even bother to try to put your *** on here about contacting you to get help, been there and I saw how you help, YOU DONT YOU ARE ANOTHER SCAM ARTIST COMPANY!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Hello, My name is Katie and I am the Quality Assurance Manager for Luminess Air. I believe I am the manager you spoke to last week.

I apologize that we were not able to make you happy. You receievd an over $300 system for only $79. When items are discounted they are considered final sale. I did review the call and you were not only told that the unit was a final sale but also told that meant no return or refund on the item.

There is no way for us to splice or fix a call as you stated. Our calls are all recorded for quality assurance purposes such as this. As a courtesey to you since you were unclear on the fact that you would be getting a refurbished unit, I offered to swap out the unit you received for a brand new unit and you declined. Again, I apologize if there was any confusion.

It is our goal to provide excellent product and service to all of our customers and as always I would be happy to speak to you further if you are interested in trying again.

I can be reached at 1-888-793-7474 ext. 1040.

@Luminess Air

I was thinking of buying this product, but after reading this I just can not see buying a product from a company who clearly does not stand behind their product and promise of 100% customer satisfactory. If you stand by your product and promise then live up to it.

No matter the circumstance , if your customer is not happy give them their hard earned money back. This leads me to believe you have a lot of unhappy customers and you are only worried about all the money you have already had to refund.

keeing the money you can by what ever reason you can find. stand by your product and promise..


I agree if someone is not satisfied with a product they should get their money back. I was gonna buy this product as well but not after reading all the unsatisfied customers.

The TV commercial makes you think it is very cheap to order this product but doesn't give you all the details for a reason. The price must be unreasonable. You would be best not to have automatic shipments seems you are making a lot of people very angry. You should be very upfront with your pricing on your commercials as to not trick people who can't afford the product into buying it.

Fast talking sales people like to trick people into buying a product, they may explain what's going on but it took them days to rehearse the script and 30 seconds to explain it to the poor customers that are looking for a new inexpensive makeup. That is how the rich get richer. If you were not trying to trick people into buying your product you would give the price on the commercial right up front not told over the phone by a fast talking sales person. Stop trying to act innocent.

And stop trying to make people feel ***. It is up to you to explain in a way people understand and you are failing miserably, over and over and over again.


This is not possible on refurbished machines. It was worth 200 dollars more than it is going for, so if you buy it at that price you cannot return it.

That is how many companies are, and although the customer should always be happy, they spend less money meaning they cannot get a refund for the product. It is hard to understand for someone who does not participate in this line of work, but it is not the employee, manager, or even the bosses who make this decision.

@Luminess Air

Wow you really did do your best to help her. Smh this goes to show the education in the USA isn't very good.

Comprehension was lost on her. You tried your best to help her Katie

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