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I was just about to place my order (had already typed in my credit card info) when I noticed the tiny message that said a "deposit" of $59.99 would be charged to my card the day it ships out. I had seen the light gray tiny fine print that said I would be charged $49.99 for FOUR months after my 30 day trial, but when I was about to push "checkout" I noticed it said I would be charged $59.99/mo for FIVE months, not $49/mo for FOUR months as the earlier fine print said.

On that proof alone I chose to back out of the checkout and do some further research. I find a lot of people like the product... but they got it free for consumer testing so they didn't get sucked into the money scam. Now, I'll just order one from Target or ebay and not get sucked in the $300 drain.

Thanks for all your reviews. Saved me a bundle :)

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Free Trial.

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Thanks KatGirl, your complaint helped save me a lot of money! I was actually skeptical after I never saw a price for the system and I did the same as you when I got to the checkout part and backed out after discovering the amount I would be charged, UNBELIEVABLE!

I read the conditions and never saw a price until it was time to click the checkout button. After reading that I would be billed $69.99 for five installment payments in addition to $34.95 and an extra installment payment as a security deposit (total of 6 payments at $69.99) I said no way and also backed out and input a google search and found this site. I am so glad I did that! I will be monitoring my card to make sure there are no charges because as you've stated, they get your credit card information first before giving you a total.

After never seeing an actual price of the system I knew something had to be wrong!

Complete scam if you ask me! Another comment said a lawyer should get involved and I have to agree!


I just ordered the trial and I guess I missed the deposit part too---my account came up short and after checking I find the $69.00 charge ...wish I'd known


I LOVE this product.

For the dough its worth it to me

I am 54 years old and needed a facial "boost" without surgery.

This make up and application is terrific.

I failed to read the "fine print" regarding the billing however, I think it's still a lot less expensive then a face lift.

My husband noticed the clear glow without the greasy shine.

He had no idea about the purchase. He noticed the change without my saying anything.

I recommend this product

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