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After seeing the tv infomercial, I wanted to get this for my wife as a Christmas gift. Like everyone else has said, it showed on the commercial that you was getting it for $19.95. So I went online to their website so I could order it.. **THAT is when I found that after 30 days you would be charged 5 more payments of $60**

Now here's the issue. If this isn't a scam, then it is in fact VERY misleading.. Why would you not put it on the commercial in clear writing? Why would you not say clearly that the first payment would be $19.95 then 5 payments of $60?

There's only one reason for not doing that. They are intentionally preying on people who do not pause the commercial so the can read the fine print that appears on the screen at the end of it, and it's so tiny that you need to magnify it, and probably only stays on the screen for about 3 seconds. Does any of that sound fair to anyone?

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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anonymous: he was talking about the commercial on TV. They NEVER mention another price just $19.99> You probably SAW

it on the internet.


I saw that it was 19 for 30 days, then 5 payments of 50. I never saw the add as misleading.

And even when you go to the website it says this. I am not trying to be mean but sometimes it is a good idea to pay a little more attention.


Buy the whole system on Ebay! Makeup to ..

That way u aren't locked in to auto ship method. !!

Luminess Air Response

Hi There,

We do apologize that you feel this way. Luminess Air informs all customers that you may try the Airbrush System for 30 days starting at 19.95 on the infomercial.

Luminess never informs that this is the total price, but to only try. By visiting our website www.luminessair.com, all customers are informed of cost after the 30 day trial period.

However, with purchasing as a Christmas gift, Luminess Air has many different Airbrush Systems to choose from that does not require a 30 day in home trial. You may review online under the "Airbrush System's" category to see all pricing and systems.

@Luminess Air Response

Why is it that you disclose the 30 in 30 day trial numerically but, when the monthly installments are disclosed... Its written 5 installments of fifty nine dollars and ninety nine cents???

Please, this man is very correct when he says you are TRYING to "PULL THE WOOL" over the customers eyes!

Just be honest and put it out there. If the customer is interested, an easily read 5 monthly payments of 59.99 won't make a difference!