Anadarko, Oklahoma

I ordered the Luminess Air system and tried to cancel the next day as it charged me $39.99 plus $59.99. Of coarse I was on hold for over 15 minutes with no one picking up.

I then sent an email to the customer service and received a response 1 week later stating I had to talk to customer service on the phone to cancel. Waited another 20 minutes with no response so I figured Id try it. I tried it 4 times and broke out in a massive rash for which prednisone was required to get rid of. I call for return RA # and am informed that if the packages are opened you will not receive a refund.

It is not a trial with a money back guarantee... If you try it at all you will get charged the $39.99 period. Also ordered one of the eye shadows and they are as well not refundable if you have tried them. Not sure how you are supposed to see if this works without opening the bottles but whatever.

SO i PAID $60 FOR A HUGE RASH. The cs rep was rude. As for the product itself... It sprays on fine, although the metallic eye shadows DO NOT spray out nicely but splotchy, no matter how low or high the compressor is.

To cover my dark spots it looked cakey and of coarse the huge rash wasnt at all pleasant.

In a word... SUCKS!

Monetary Loss: $65.

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:eek I cannot believe you ladies all got taken for a ride. I truly am sorry you all got ripped off, but thank you for posting the terrible reviews and helping those of us contemplating purchasing this item.

I know I am grateful for consumers like you for sharing your awful experineces so others will learn from them. I just have to ask was the product any good?

Does it really cover the way it is shown on TV.Like someone suggested in an earlier comment if it comes to a store I just want to know if I should purchase. Thanks again and sorry for all who fell victim.


The same thing happened to me. They charged 64.64 initially instead of

the 29.95.

Then in 4 days debited another 64.00. Don't use them.


:( :cry