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Reading the co-called agreement is very confusing. I called 2 days past the 30 days to cancel.

Within 32 days I have been charged $176.76. One rep. offer to make a price adjustment and I pay only $189.00, since Target sells for $169.00. Then she switched me to another person which claimed to be a manager.

She over talked me, snickered in the background at me and did not give me a good price break like the first girl was going to. She as much called me a liar about talking to the first girl and her making an offer to me. If she was a manager, she was rude, demanding that if I did not pay they would call my bank and I DO NOT like being called a LIAR!!This unit is not worth $350.00, nor does it work the way they claim. Does not cover evenly, uses more than a FEW drops and colors do not match.

Told them to let me send it back since they sell refurb for 99.99 as she stated, and she claimed they could not do that! These people are rude and the product is a ripp-off.

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS UNIT!!! You will be forever sorry!

Monetary Loss: $177.

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The good reviews are from internal people. If you were so reputable you would change your business practices.

You are nothing but a scam company. If you cared so much why is everyone complaining about the same thing? Because you don't care and they have you on here to try to butter up people. You too know its a scam but it's a job to you.

One day you will see how everyone on here is complaining about the same thing and you are the poor pion picking up the pieces while your owner laughs all the way to the bank. Check out the BBB. It's all the same compliants and then you try to mend the pieces.

can you not find a job at a legitimate company?

You know what you are doing is wrong. But i guess if it was right you wouldn't have your position right?

Luminess Air Response

I'm so sorry that you all feel this way. I am not sure how you would like me to start a reply, but I am simply speaking the truth.

Unfortunately, we cannot be perfect and there will always be people who complain about something. If you look up almost any other company large or small, you will find plenty of bad reviews. On the reverse side, you will also see many great reviews. Our company is no different.

We do care about our customers and we pride ourselves in providing both a great product and service. We have many very happy customers. I do not say that just to say it, I say it because it is true. I am so sorry that you did not have a great experience and we value your feedback.

I am the Quality Assurance Manager here with Luminess Air and it would be my pleasure to personally assist you in this matter. The coverage, the number of drops used, and the shades do take time to master. We have 12 different shades of foundation and they can all be easily mixed to make many more color options. The more you use the product the better the coverage becomes and the less and less make-up you find yourself using.

Please feel free to reach out to me at 1-800-545-3706 ext.

1040 if you would like to speak to me. I will do my best to help you in any way that I can.


After reading all the reviews I see that Luminess Air states at the beginning of every reply, "At Luminess Air, customer care is our number one priority." This is such a joke. People I suggest you all contact the BBB and the Federal Trade Comm.

as well. This company makes very small print in their so-called agreement, it is very confusing to understand and it a ripp-off!! If you used a credit card or bank card...contact the company. These people think that if they cut the payments into more months that is helping you.....WRONG!!


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