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I just orded the $29.95 valued kit online, but as i was finished ordering it said my credit card was denied, so the website asked me for my credit card information again. I typed everything again and then all of a sudden it said there was an error and it suddenly canceled?

im not sure if it processed or not.

i hope it didnt process because i heard it was a SCAM and i charges you more than you are told so on the website. I am now not sure what to do about this situation because i dont want to get scammed.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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You people should be ashamed of yourself, People are working harfor what little money they have. Women like to look good, but not at the cost of their life savings !!!

m so glad that I was able to STOP all transaction with you! I don't deal with

Dishonest people.v :sigh :upse: upset :upset



Thank you for your interest in Luminess Air. We encourage you to give our friendly customer service department a call at 1-888-793-7474 M-F 8:30-5:30 CST and we will gladly assist you with any billing questions you may have!


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When you put in your credit card number are you sure they aren't putting a hold on your account for the total amount not just the amount advertised. For example: instead of being charged $29.99 they put a hold on your account for the full $250 or $300 that the system will cost over a period of time?

That way they make sure they get your money and it is more difficult to cancel because they have already received the authorization to continue to bill you? It will also cause your account to be declined if you don't have that amount available on your account.


This happen to me too. Online it said i was goin to only pay 49.99 well my credit card didnt go thru so i decided to call luminess costumer service.

After tellin them that my i tried ordering online he told me i could just order with him so i did.

I end up getin charge 300!! to my credit card...Do not buy this product :(


After reading the other comments about price over $25 I will not be ordering


Hilary_king call your bank. As them to look at the transaction in real time, maybe something simple causes that to occur.

Example expiration date entered wrong but your bank can tell for for sure.

Also they can verfiy the amount. I use to work for a bank.

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