Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I ordered they tanning system & make-up combo in October, after 4 weeks & no email, but payment already taken I called, they said they would "resend" the confirmation email & my order would arrive in about 2-3 more weeks. By the 2nd week of December I still had not gotten anything.

I called again & the rep actually admitted that my order never we t to the warehouse so they sent it by 2 day air for free. I get the kit and THERES NO TANNING SOLUTION! I call aaaagain, they send it but by regular shipping and tell me it will be 4 weeks. Also, the airbrush gun for tanning does not work with the make-up, & they don't tell you that when you buy the combo kit.

So I found an airbrush gun on Amazon for 1/10th what Luminess charges. I will never order from these shady ba$+%#ds again.

Customer service is terrible, shipping is worse. I mean, they're in Texas for Gods sake, not Afghanistan!

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