I ordered the Luminess kit for the 20th or 25th anniversary and I pay for the shipping and I pay for the Eighth Day or the 507 day business day to receive the product I never received it and there's something obviously going wrong I would either like to receive my product within a few days or please give me back my reimbursement my name is Rebecca field you can contact me at 859-414-9892 I am really disappointed in the fact that you guys can't obtain an up for your end of the bargain I completed all my forms I completed everything I give you guys my debit number credit card number my address my a social security number my address to receive the package and obviously I don't know who you guys have working for you but this have just been the most ridiculous the most the unknown just disturbing disgusting thing that I have ever endured and I hope that you guys produces products more than you just advertised I hope that you would deliver these products so people can give you you know for five stars whatever the case may be and I really would like to enjoy this product but if it's not going to be up to my standards obviously something is Shady about this business because I ordered it I paid for it online and I still haven't gotten anything in the mail FedEx wise and it said that I would get my shipment on January 21st and guess what today is January 21st and I paid the extra shipment from five business days to five to seven business days at $12 a pop so please contact me at 859-412-5851 or you can email me at pink Luv 2244 at gmail.com I greatly appreciate it or you can contact me at 859 actually scratch that 859 513-227-1988 thank you very much and I would hopefully be glad to produce this product but if you can give me a little break because I have been so excited about getting this everything is just going wrong and I'm totally upset about it so if there's anything you can do I'm very easy to work with I just don't appreciate fan work ethics and you're supposed to be a good business with the Better Business Bureau would decide otherwise so I don't want to be at Aunt into all this but you know sometimes you leave no choice for someone to expose company like yours I would not like to but if you could contact me 859-412-5851 and my name is Rebecca feels please contact me as soon as possible please

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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