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I saw an infomercial for Luminess Air Special. Of course it said $19.95 in the ad, but I later found out that that was just the first of 4 total payments.

Unfortunately, I went against my better judgement and went through with the purchase as I thought I was still getting about 40% off. Fast forward 3 months and I’m looking at my credit card statement only to discover Luminess Air has been charging me AN EXTRA $40 every month for a “makeup subscription” that I NEVER wanted and would NEVER agree to. When I was purchasing the airbrush, I didn’t see anything about a makeup subscription nor would I ever agree to that. I called the company and they told me they would refund me if I sent the makeup they had sent back to them.

Of course, I immediately sent it back and NEVER received a refund. I know that they received it because I tracked the package, but when I called they kept telling me they never received it and their was nothing they could do. I feel completely scammed and will NEVER order from an infomercial again. I ended up paying about $120 for makeup I returned back to them and for a subscription I never agreed too.

On top of that the makeup they sent was suppose to be the same shade but one was completely orange and the cap was broken so makeup was all over the bottle. I am contacting the better business bureau and attorney general. This is unacceptable and consumers need to hold scammers like this accountable.

This is my first time ever writing a bad review about any company, but I just feel very strongly that consumers need to be warned against purchasing from companies like this. I’m also wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this from them.

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Jill W

This company is a scam. File a complaint with BBB.

And let this company know you will be contacting the attorney generals office. Since I got scammed by this company I have read so many others have been scammed. We are just a few in a long line of people that got scammed and to many that are still getting scammed.

I got my momey back less the shipping, thanks to the BBB. Good luck

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