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i was stopped in the fox hills mall to try Luminess Air makeup. Longstory short i put an airbrush system and makeup on layaway.

i paid $80 and when i went to the mall to make my final payment the enitre Luminess Air cart was gone. i called the number on my receipt and the number was disconnected. i emailed the salesperson who i made the layaway with and didnot received a response. i went to the website and and contacted a representative for either a refund or to pay off my layaway and receive my kit.

It took about two months to get my situation resolved. i paid the outstanding balance of $40 and received my kit.

after putting the airbrush system together the compressor doesnt work. im threw with Luminess Air.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I received Lunimess Tan as a gift. I attemped to use it one time and it quit spraying during the first spray.

We cleaned it and packaged it for a refund/return, but the company denied any return or refund by saying we had it too long. Their ad says a year warranty, and this was way under a year, but they did not honor that. My gift of $179 is sitting in a box.

Very sad!! :cry


Many thanks for the words of caution from the experienced veterans. You've saved another from going down a dreadful path!


Many thanks for the words of caution from the experienced veterans. You've saved another from going down a dreadful path!


Just about to order One Day Special Kit for$14.95!!!! You guys saved me.

!!'!!!! The teeny tiny print at bottom said it wd then be $60 payments for 5 months!!!

Thanks so much:)


Okay - they apparently will not answer their phone, nor will they return e-mails when there is a problem. Their "online chat" help only sends you to other advertisements.

The pin fell out of my Luminess Air wand and now the wand does not work. :(

I am going to stop payment on this *** until I get an answer. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU BYPASS THIS ENTIRE COMPANY until they get it together.


I first want to say sorry about the trouble you have gone through for this SCAM. Second, thank you so much for posting your horrible experience for the rest of us to learn from.


Wow thank you so much for letting me know. I saw the ad on tv and was debating between this and Dinair, but now I'm sure I'll go with Dinair! Their products also don't contain oils


I'm just thankful I read the reviews before I called to purchase the air brush system! Thanks to those who have posted with negative views or the rest of is wouldn't know if we should make the choice or not! As for me, I'm not taking the chance.


Hey, this site and your comment just saved me from making a huge mistake! Thanks to you.


I really appreciate this site and you ladies taking the time to submit your comments. Your comments prevented me for making a HUGE financial mistake, which I or you can ill afford.


I was going to buy this for my granddaughter but after reading all of the hidden charges I realize they wouldn't have to scam people if they had a decent product. Thank goodness I do my homework!

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