*Luminess Air Cutomer Service* I placed an order for Luminess air on Wed. 4/12/17 @ 5:08a, after thinking about it and the cost I then decided I did not want it & I called the customer service ph # 1-888-793-7474 back the same day Wed 4/12 @ 11:10a, the automated recording stated 'Orders placed for the LuminessAir Unit with free shipping would take up to 2-3 weeks to ship because of the high demand we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause' and the representative who answered, I didn't get her name, asked for my ph# to pull up my account I told her 'I wanted to cancel my order immediately' she said 'my order couldnt be cancelled since it takes 24-48 hrs for the order to generate since I ordered over the phone & not online' the representative told me the earliest I should call back is Thurs 4/13 after 2p to see if the order had generated.

Thurs 4/13 @ 5;15p I called cust. Serv. again spoke to rep. named Britney @ 5:15p I told her to cancel my order and she stated 'it has been cancelled' I asked for a confirmation to be sent to my email of my cancellation so I have proof in writing plus I was driving & was unable to write any confirmation #'s down altho she never offered me one during the call which I thought was odd but Britney confirmed my email & stated ' a confirmation of the order cancellation would be emailed.

Fast forward to today Sat 4/15 and I still have not received the cancellation confirmation email of my order so once again I tried calling the cust. Serv.

Ph # 1-888-793-7474 the same number I had previously called two other times and they are of course closed and to top it off 2 hrs after my unsuccessful call today I get a text from (832)-925-4509 stating 'Jena here your Luminess order has been shipped via Fed Ex Enjoy :). tracking# 61299999124841176986' now I am MAD

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Nothing, bothers me more than a bate and switch. First they tell you they are overwhelmed with orders and it would take days before your order could even be processed to this!

I would be fighting mad. Call consumer affairs immediately and then call your bank and get a new credit card # because they will never quit harassing you.

It's the most direct message you can send to a vendor that does not practice ethical behaviours.

Good luck. I for one will NOT be purchasing a unit after hearing this.


we orded a lumpiness air.free shiping and only @19,99, wow what a deal/ NOT EVEN///// we got a bill for 251.76 BEWARE beware

@harold christian


Dispute, dispute. I run several companies and never have I ever "bated and switched " prices on them in 18 years!!!!!

Call your bank, reverse the charge after you explain your circumstance and by all means show this site to not just the bank management, but to Consumer Affairs.

They would love to see this. IT sounds like this company is headed for a Class Action lawsuit.