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Your. Company.

Took. $46.65. Of. My.

Card. On. April first. I.

Have. Done. All. Ready.

Called. And. Unsucribed. For.

Re. Order. And. Sent.

You. Product. Back. To.

Your. Company. I. Want.

My. Money. Back. We're.

It. Was. Stolen. From.

On. My. DirectExpress. Card.

Or. I. Will. Take.

Action. Put. It.

Back. Now

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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thank you and all the others sooo much I was going to order this

you saved my money and bank card thank you. is so sad theres

no one you can trust .i have direct express I wish direct express

had a code that when you order something and the the seller goes to

collect that if he does not know the code he cannot collect the money without the code once he does that you change the code.

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