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Well first I want to say... I love your products..

I mean love them.. :) The only one thing I do not prefer is that 2 of my bottles heads broke and I feel like it is wasted make up considering it the bronzer and the X out which I do not use all the time... and I will not be able to use it which makes me upset.. :( I do hope you find a better solution to the bottles considering I did just place a order and if this proceeds to happen more than I will be seeking other alternatives...

I only say this cause I do not like wasting my money on thing that break so easily.. Thank you for the time to read this and hope everyone has a great and wonderful day..

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I also have wasted money on Luminess products. We pay a lot for your products and

ending up with cheapest bottles containing make-up.

Luminess owes me :

1. .55 LOVE 2. .55 X-OUT 3. .55 BRONZER 4.

,55 MATTE 5. .25 BR.


Could it be another way a company would put their product in containers so we would

order more because it spills out? Doesn't any employees have bottle problems?

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