Yea hi my name is norma bowman u took monie out of my account on 11/25/3016 I did not order nothing I did not receive nothing but yet u took it on your self to take out 81 dollars and some change I would like u to put that 81.00 and some change back in to my account please and please remove me from your account please u can call me at 892-595-2602 and thank u

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You know 892 area code is not being used yet ?


Why would you compose a review that reads like a grade schoolers text message? How can you expect to be taken seriously when your grammar is so poor? With all due respect; if you really don't know how to compose a letter; consider a community college course to learn the basics of using English.


Report this immediately to the State Attorney General - Consumer Fraud and also the Better Business Bureau - down load websites and e-mail complaints. Make sure you keep records - especially your receipts and. or invoices, including any communications and names of people you spoke to with dates and time that you called them.