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I ordered this product on June the 6th, which actually fell on a Friday. That following Monday the 9th, my credit card was charged the first initial payment.

3 weeks later, I realized not only did my product not come in but I hadn't even received a shipping confirmation.

I'm not one to start any ruckus so I sent out an email to customer service and basically asked about how long does shipment take to my zip code. 2 days later, with no reply, I sent out another email asking the same question. I got a response but it didn't answer my question. It only answered with a question, so I immediately responded. Few days later, still no answer, I forwarded that same email with my order confirmation and asked for a follow up. I got a response. It was from fed ex. That email gave me my order number and tracking number for a 2 day shipment. Fine. Kudos for fedex. However...

I emailed customer service and asked for an explanation as to why 3 weeks later, was my item only then shipped out AND the address fedex was shipping it to as all my mail goes to a PO Box. No reply. None.

2 days later, I track this package via fedex. Tracking told me it was "left at front door". Front door where? At the post office? Like. I never gave a physical address. I kept my cool and gave fed ex a call and asked what address was this item delivered to. She have me an address I hadn't lived at for over 2 years now and I don't live within a 20 mile radius near this home.

Livid, I call customer service with no luck. Picked up and hung up on. I then sent out another email and guess what??? No response. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!! Horrible customer service and I still haven't received my item.

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Luminess Air Response

Hello there,

I completely understand your frustration and want to apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. If you would please email me at Tori@LuminessAir.com with the email and phone number associated with your account I would be more than happy to get this issue resolved for you.

Here at Luminess Air we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best service possible to all of our valued customers and want to help in any way possible.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you,