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On Saturday, 12/07/13, I ordered the "FREE 30-day Trial Offer" for $19.99. Monday morning, (12/09/13) my bank statement showed a deduction of $29.99 for the "FREE Trial Offer, AND --- a charge of $59.99 as a deposit.

I immediately called the company - furious, of course, and told them to CANCEL the complete order and refund ALL money to my bank account. The girl "Jennifer" I spoke with did everything she could to get me to 'increase' my order. I just talked over her again and again....stating firmly, I wanted the order canceled since it was an illegal transaction. ALL money refunded to my bank account, NO CHARGES taken out..

since nothing had been shipped. AND that I would notify my bank and place a complaint against the company and stop payment to Luminess Air This I will do at 9 a.m. this morning, Tuesday, 12/10/13.

I am placing a notice (this one included) on Facebook, advising anyone thinking of ordering this product, to NOT do so. The latest email from them states it will now be 5 payments of $59.99

Monetary Loss: $90.

  • Luminess Air RIP-OFF
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Cry me a river! READ the terms & be informed.

Didn't your mother teach you any manners? Have you never been in a service oriented job?

Shame on you!!!


the fact that you stated you "firmly talked over her again & again" didn't help. all reps have the power to refund on the spot for an irate customer.

but if you're rude to them like that they won't do anything for you.

in other words, shut your mouth & let them do their job. it pays to be nice.


if you do not look at a websites fine print/terms and conditions, then that is your fault. dont take it out on the representative that answers your phone call.

YES you are mad, YES you did not look at the terms and conditions so they took YOUR money out later... but please realize that "she tried to upsell me" is probably something that is REQUIRED of the phone rep. i am sure that they dont PREFER to upsell you, but thats just how it is. plus, many consumers are unaware of different possibilities of the product, so why NOT inform you?

dont be rude, the rep did not take your money or fail to read the fine print FOR you. take responsibility for your OWN actions and ignorance... hmmmm food for thought... and no, i am not a rep for the company, i literally just saw the commercial and was researching complaints.

it seems that the only complaints are the people WHO DO NOT RESEARCH. cry to yourself, young lady.

and moisturize. :grin


I was considering this product but will never purchase it now. Its way too expensive.

Plus they sound like a rip off and customer service is a hassle. NO WAY!!!


When ordering online from retailers, major, well-known retailers like Amazon, it's okay to use your bank credit/debit card. But to avoid being scammed when ordering from these one-time retailers, use a PREPAID Visa card.

Prepaid Visa cards cannot be "auto charged".

Use a prepaid Visa and you won't have to worry about these one-time retailers overcharging or adding charges without your permission.


Here at Luminess Air we care about our customers and our goal is to always provide superior customer service. We offer a 30 day trial for $19.95.

We do not have a free trial available. There is a fully refundable security deposit equivalent to one installment charged at the time of shipping. We send an over $300 product for customers to try without a credit check. As a security measure for both our company as well as our customers to help prevent fraud, this security deposit is charged.

If you decide within the 30 day trial that you do not want to keep the system, you simply get a return authorization number and return the system back to us. Once we get the system back the security deposit is fully refunded. If you decide to keep the system after the 30 day trial period, it is applied towards one of your agreed upon payments. We believe in full disclosure upfront and apologize for any confusion.

We do strive to work with all of our customers in giving them to chance to try the Luminess Air system while still meeting their financial need. We are a proud A+ accredited member of the BBB and truly value our customers. I would be more than happy to speak with you in regards to your concerns if you would like to contact me, Katie at 1-888-793-7474 ext.

1040. I am the Quality Assurance Manager here at Luminess Air and it would be my pleasure to assist you.

@Luminess Air

Funny, I just checked with the BBB and it seems your company is not a member.