Houston, Texas

This cosmetic is about the lowest you can go in terms of quality and support. I have had 6 count them 6 new stylus guns sent to me and they all fail.

One of the service reps stated that they have had bad batches of the needles and they don't fit correctly. So in other words the sprayer does not work without this and then you cannot use the product. #2 every time I have new product sent to me they always send me an extra bottle of foundation for my trouble.

I am shade #3 and I now have 5 bottles of shade #3 and each of them are a different color??????? Okay Im not sure what kind of people run this company,but the know nothing about cosmetics!!

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Who ever wrote the review that I had read, could not have said it better. I must say, I have that individual beat when it comes to styluses; I'm on the 7th one.

I had called and complained about the styluses, so they replaced it. I told them to send an extra one, which I'd pay for, so that way if the stylus is malfunctioning, at least I'd have a backup. It wasn't long before the replacement stylus malfunctioned, so I pulled out my back up. I was in total shock, because the backup stylus did not work at all!!

When it comes to the foundation colors, it is not by any means consistent. Each #3 color foundation I'd received was a different shade. A VERY substandard product!!! I could not believe the reviews about this product; there was nothing but 1 and 2s.

VERY unsatisfied customers!!! I wish I had checked the comments / reviews before purchasing the product.


I have not been able to use after using one bottle there was no change at all makeup is too expensive to buy any more


I almost ordered one too. I am so glad that I came accross this site before I did.


oh & also they wouldn't even send me a new stylus!


I've had nothing but horrible issues with them at customer service as well. They've told me to soak it in hot water & rubbing alcohol for a while then put it back together and it should work, not so much!

They sent me the wrong blush and when I called to complain they send yet another blush & a foundation for my troubles. which they've done every time I've call to complain. I have 5 bottles of foundations, I haven't even gotten to use 1 whole bottle yet due to it not working properly.

I'll have to compare the bottle to see if they are all different colors as well. I know they say #2 on them.


It's sounds like this is a horrible product oh my goodness. How r they still in biz. Well i wont to thank all of u 4 ur comments because i almost ordered one.

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