I ordered Luminess Air through there Anniversary infomercial on T.V because they were offering their product at a great price because it was their anniversary. I wanted to hide my dark spots due to aging and sun damage.

They totally scammed me. Nothing was disclosed on the phone when I placed my order about further payments being charged to my card. I have later found out that the infomercial price was only a down payment price for the machine. They said nothing about me being charged for auto shipments for the foundation and there was no way of being able to cancel these auto shipments.

Once they have your credit card number there is no way of canceling them charging your credit card. The girl on the phone told me that I could not cancel any further auto shipments of foundation unless I returned the machine. I am going to do that without any hesitation.

They are such liars and scammers! Someone needs to close this company down for good and put them out of business forever so they can no longer scam people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Commercial.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $163.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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They literally tell you people!!!!! *30 DAY TRIAL $19.95 INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING!

After 30 days, the Luminess System is yours for only 3 easy monthly payments of $39.99 plus processing fee. Regularly 5 payments of $59.99 - SAVE 60% WITH THIS OFFER.


LoL read the fine print it tells you exactly that!!!!!!!


Thank you they are making the$19.99 special today and I almost bought into it, thanks for the heads up I will not buy into it.




I am happy to read the reviews before I brought the product. However, I did read about to continue payment but never the final price. Thanks for the warning


Thank you for the warning. The price was too good to be true for what you receive. I will not be orcero


I lost just below $300. I am the card holder and told them I have no idea how these charges came.

they said I nned to find the person who started the scam and ask them to call in a different payment form before they would stop the charges.

My credit card company told me that since I made them aware of the fraud if they charge my card again they are actively engaging in the fraud themselves.. they will not give me my money back or stop my card from being charged




Info commercials are a scam. If you persist you can probably get your money back but it it ridiculous what you have to go through.

Many send you a form to complete for a refund but the form is not fillable online so hopefully you have a printer and scanner. Stupid me has fallen for this twice with infomercials on TV. TO ALL WHO READ BEWARE. You will receive the product but more cost is to come for you.

Credit card companies are not much help as we agreed to to the purchase.

I did get my refund from my credit card company but that was a hassle, sending copies of the form I had to fill out and several phone calls. Most would have given up but I am a pensioner on a limited income and I am scottish LOL.


I got scammed when it was Luminaire to the tune of over $300. Same thing.

No pre-warning about additional charges. I complained to Visa about them and though I didn't get my money back they did cancel any further shipments.


Same happened to me. Better off buying from HSN if you want to give it a try.

When I got charged 3x for over $130,00, I called and the rep wasted a lot time trying to get me to keep it. The TV and online is a rip off!


I am so glad I read this before I ordered!! Thank you!!!


Yeah sounds to good to be true! $19.99 and free shipping!

Until I went to their website I thought that the only catch would be having to pay for monthly foundation! I’ll just like myself the way that I am! Three payments of $39.99 plus the cost of foundation monthly, which I couldn’t find a price for!, is way more than I can afford!

Besides I don’t wear makeup enough to be forced to pay for monthly foundation and not have a choice of only getting it probably every 3-4 months! I’ll just stick with my blush and mascara!


Wow! So you’re basically leading the machine until you return it to them??

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