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I ordered a LUMINESS AIR BRUSH in start of DECEMBER before going out of the country for a vacation. It didnt arrive soon so I went away with out seeing it.

When I got back after more than a month, I had the delivery in the house of this ITEM that is supposed to be only $34.95. But they charged my Credit card 5 times of $59.95 saying that I automatically became a member! Charges were every week!!! I called them saying I have no money.

But they said I can not get it waived.I emailed and called them, and NO one can help me.

THEY are SCAMMERS!!! Why the CONSUMER COUNCIL is allowing this kind??

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Membership.

Monetary Loss: $296.

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Mrs. Wood,

Welcome to the world of Luminess!

They do not care and are laughing all the way to the bank! It is a scam and misrepresented. Did you see anywhere in the commercial the final price? NOPE!!!

It's hidden on purpose. You are just one of many.

I am sorry for your loss, but join the rest of us.

Someone needs to file a class action lawsuit on them ASAP.


At Luminess Air details of every order are offered upfront before any purchases are complete. The information about payments and club membership are detailed at the time of purchase.

The club membership can be cancelled at any time with a simple phone call. If you left the country without letting us know or cancelling the club we would have no way to know that you did not want any additional items. In order to prevent the additional payments for the system, it needed to be returned within the 30 day trial period. I would be glad to speak with you in regards to this matter if you would like to contact me at 1-888-793-7474 ext.

1040. My name is Katie and I am the Quality Assurance Manager.

We can look over your account to see if and where we may be able to assist you further. I apologize for any confusion and look forward to speaking with you.

@Luminess Air

I just called your number JUST NOW 9:58 am, TUESDAY (3.18.2014), but was not able to speak to you so I left my cellphone number 302 5886860. I am really hoping that you can help me refund back my money that was deducted from my credit card five times!

Dec 2, 2013- US$ 59.99

Dec 9, 2013 59.99

Dec 16, 2013 59.99

Dec 23 2013 59.99

Dec 30, 2013 59.99 Its Authorization No: 109478880 I spoke to one of your CS,Heginia yesterday and she said, only one of these amounts can be waived.

But a little later on, someone named Mary Anne from a TEXAS number called me and said, no amount can be refunded back to me. I HAVE NO MORE MONEY, due to this is not some expected expenses. I was going to show to my friends in ASIA this SUPPOSED to be a great product. Hong Kong people loved fashion (and they would send any amount to look beautiful!!) and they might have been interested to buy it from me, but THE ITEM didnt arrive before I left for my vacation.

And when I returned back in USA after over 2 months, this is what I need to face..(??) March 3rd was the first time I realized that I was being charged LUMINESS of some money.Right away, I called your 1-877-7495777 number spoke to Felicia. I also emailed but was replied by someone named AMANDA. BOTH of their responses were useless. Not what I want.

Look, I know that here in the USA many people ABUSE the system, BUT I am not one of those people to buy and return. The infomercial was misleading. I NEVER WANTED to be a MEMBER. ANd I am not working now so every penny counts!

I hope to have my money refunded back to me. THANK YOU.

Sincerely, Mrs. Rossana WOOD(rosana.wood@gmail.com)


Ms. Wood,

I returned your phone call yesterday and left you a voicemail.

As stated, I would be more than happy to help you. Please reach out to me again when you get a chance.




The same thing happened to me....I didn't know that they expected an expensive payment every month for this retarded little piece of ***. Its not worth it and the infomercial was VERY misleading. I didn't want to be a member either.

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