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I ordered a Luminess Air System, compressor, hose, etc., (not make-up). They charged my credit card for $400.00, that's okay because that were the total cost.

Whatsoever, I contacted them after 1 week because I hadn't received my order nor had I received any shipping information or any tracking number. They told me to contact them again within 4 days and they would have the tracking number ready for me. Now .......... when I log in I'm unable to find my order, there's no registered order to find at all. When I try to contact them it's NOT possible because they have blocked me! They have banned me without any reason, no money back, no products, no notifications, no tracking number!!!!!!

Seriously, the goverment should shut them down right NOW!

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:? always ck with QVC OR HSN ON AS SEEN ON TV SAVES YOU $$ THEY HAVE IT FOR $99.00 HUN ON HSN looking at It now .you could have gottin 3 for that !



No order number, tracking number, contact information, OR REFUND!!!! I had to cancel my card by reporting it stolen, and I've been banned from the site and from calling them because apparently I am "harassing" their call center employees. And using "vulgarities"... Well of course I am.

After four months and over 900.00 dollars stolen from me and still, I haven't seen a penny. Ive contacted my local authorities and Im contacting the BBB. right now. Enough is enough.

This is Bull s--t!!!!! I will stop at nothing to get my money back.


I just saw infomercial and was weighing heavily on the decision to purchase this product. I am a free lance make-up artist.

The idea of the sanitary bacteria-free application caught my attention, so I was VERY excited to purchase this product. However, I am going to continue using my current, rip-off free methods after having seen these reviews THANK YOU LADIES!!!


That's the reason I'm here. I never order anything without reading reviews first.

AND I'm careful about where I get the reviews. If I land on a page with nothing BUT positive reviews, I know it's a scam site. (NO product ever gets only 'rave' reviews.) So, I know that I will NEVER order this product. I'm glad there are sites like this.

And, I hope everyone has at least learned to read reviews FIRST.

(A few negatives won't stop me from ordering if there are a lot more positive reviews. I weigh them all, then decide.


Please contact the BBB....


:sigh $283 dollars and i had to pay $72.00 when it was deliverd to me....ill never trust luminessair again....


Luminess Air is not true to their ad. I was billed for the system before I received it.

Then when I called about it I was told I had been billed for two seperate systems but I never received any of the systems. My account was debited two times, and I still have not received any thing. I was told to track it, and that takes 3 to 4 weeks.

But, they keep on advertising. I should have read the reviews first.

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