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This is my second review i am writing about luminess air. The first one you should read i believe its titled save your money go with Dinair.

Its also marked as resolved and its anything but that .Try to bare with me here, its a long story but ill make it quick as possible. i originally ordered luminess air on black Friday nearly a month ago. as Christmas drew closer, i was starting to get worried. So i called and they said yeah it should be leaving our warehouse any day and i was given a tracking number.

6 days later i wasn't able to track my package so i called and was informed that it has not left the war house yet ."um your package is actually doing well.The representative stated. It's ahead of the average time. because it could take up to six week its in the fine print" her words! I was infuriated that i was not going to able to do my clients makeup hyping up the luminess air system..and also its my personal Christmas gift.

so i asked her if i could pay additional charges for overnight delivery. she told me her hands where tied because it had a tracking number. i would have to wait for it to ship out,send it back, then wait another ten day for my refund.You could imagine how upset i was trying to comprehend the logic behind the fact the product was still; after 1 month in the possession but you cant cancel it and not only that but you cannot upgrade my shipping!!!!GRRR!!! anyways at the end of the conversation i apologized for being so angry with the rep explaining i know its not your fault in particularly but ..isn't there something you can do?

she told me i notarized your account that if you call ounce you receive we'll be expecting it back or if you change your mind you can keep it.

next i stumbled upon this website,wrote a review and was contacted a few hours later. The rep apologized for the "inconvenience" and informed me they put a two day rush delivery on my package and ill have it by the 18th. i was so relieved and happy to hear back the woman seemed genuine. so i went back on this site and said the issue was resolve.with my renewed hope.

well today my money was put back into my account THEY CANCELED MY ORDER WITH OUT MY KNOWLEDGE!!!ARE YO *** KIDDING ME!!! what type of bull *** is that after u just told me ill get it in two day you piece of ***! after yet another phone call they said oh well we see there was a problem and we had to hunt down your order through fed ex and cancel..oh and i got charged $25.00 for it which i wont get back like you *** scam artist at least give me my money back for all the bull *** you put me through and also ruining my xmas. please people i'm begging you don't make the same mistake i did go with dinair.

The people there are so helpful and amazing i told them what happened with luminess air,not only were they appalled but they told this isnt the first time that people have called trying to go with luminuss air first!So they sent me the system for half off! can you believe wow amazing thank god for dinair!!*** you luminess air!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: you should refund the money you stole and send me my order for free for all the ***.

Luminess Air Cons: Price, Scam, Crooks, Cryptic coy cunning creeps, Customer service, Delivery, Unproffessionalism, Carelessness.

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I was going to purchase Luminess Silk today, I'm So Grateful to have read your experience. I dont have time for even the possibility of going thru this headache, after reading hundreds of complaints about this Company, I say Absolutely Not.

I can say with a smile..I'm going to check out Dinair. Thanks Again xoxo


I read it too late. Just got it in the mail today.

Two items are on backorder....and so it begins. Lol


So glad I decided to review this site before I placed my order. Gotta admit they present good commercials but don't tell you what the catch is!!!!


I too was going to order this, until i read this review!! Thank you for saving my money


Based on this review , I too, will not be ordering this product. Was ready to do so until i I read this...


Wow was about to order one of these until i read the review. Geez, wheew!

Saved me !! Thank you !!!!


Whats the number to check


I ordered the airbrush system a while was shipped promptly and I wanted to keep it but due to financial reasons I needed to return it..They stopped any charges on my card and no problems in shipping it back..




I appreciate your review and totally understand that you're upset, but couldn't you calm down before you write a review or do you naturally feel the need to cuss even in print? All the **'s representing cuss words, did nothing for your review except to make it more difficult to read. Spitting out a cuss word in the heat of anger in person is one thing, but to actually take the time to write it down in a review shows a lack of consideration for the reader.

@review reader 1

How riduculous of you to complain about an upset customer! Shame on you.. *** idioti

*** off


I agree if you don't like somebody's review then keep your mouth shut she has every right to be upset with these crooked thieving pieces of *** the charge people's accounts overdraft their accounts don't take the stuff back the list is endless

@review reader 1

Hope you never have to deal with what that lady had to deal with. I guess YOU can afford to loose money but most of us can not you must have stock in the company. I would have said a lot worse if someone took my money and played me for the fool and I would have spelled out the cuss words You have no compassion for someone being scammed if you really care to read she was not only buying it for herself but to use it for her job that means a loss of income again if you can read and understand what a person is saying Then Go Back To School


Your ignorance is comical.

Luminess Air Response

Hi There,

I deeply apologize for your order being cancelled and fully refunded back to you card. Due to the nature of complaint and Customer Service call that was made to previously cancel the order it was automatically cancelled upon tracking it down with Fed Ex for your dissatisfaction with Regular Ground Shipping time frame. I really hate that this has happen but all amounts did go back to your account.

@Luminess Air Response

Did you also credit her back for the $25.00 restocking fee?

@Luminess Air Response

Im not going to make an acct to comment here but i will say this much. I was watching the advertisement on tv and became interested however since by nature im curious and i value my time spent earning my money i decided to research first.

Very happy i did that. There is enough neg reviews i will now mive away from this idea...sad because sounds like the product is great but *** poor CS...yikes did inuse a profanity ;(


Thank you, I was also tempted to order this item, it looked so good, I wanted to order it before attending my High School reunion in Sept which will be in Las Vegas. My HS is on the Big Island of Hawaii, classmates from 1945 to 1975 will be in attendance, my class is 1956, but alas I won't be ordering this item.


You, bad girl!!! Lol.

I thought her letter was perfect considering all the false promising and the total lack of respect for the client. All of us girls need to support each other, not critique their English for goodness sake.


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