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Seriously Luminess? You really need to get your act together...6 calls to customer service in 7 weeks.

7/17 Placed order for system online

7/23 System delivered – Primer spray bottle broken and leaking

1st Call - requested replacement for primer spray

8/2 Make up order – received primer in pump not airbrush – what’s the point?

2nd Call – won’t accept return of primer in bottle – was told “I should have known”

8/23 Make up order – Blush broken and leaking

8/29 Billing Question 3rd Call – Felicia confirmed three charges (61.94 on Aug 23, 62.94 on Sept 23 and 62.94 on Oct 23. I asked if there was ANY other charges and was told no.

8/30 Charged 35.06 for “Make Up Club” – a charge that Felicia did not tell me about the day prior

9/12 4th Call - Spoke with Darnell to replace broken blush – 2 to 3 weeks shipping

9/12 5th Call - Spoke with Susan regarding make up club charge. She told me that she would push make up delivery to Jan 31 and the charge was really for “insurance” for the airbrush system. She also said the $35.06 was a one time charge?

9/13 Received make up club products (in Silk 3 and 4 – not my colors) How did Susan not know about this the day before??

9/14 6th Call - Spoke to Gary at make up club. Offered to credit 35.06 and waive second installment. Sending replacement product that is my color.

Top 6 issues:

1. Damaged product – padded envelopes not sufficient

2. Shipping time – 2 – 3 weeks for make up replacement is unacceptable in this day and age (Zappos can get me shoes the next day!)

3. Can’t access past orders on website in customer account

4. Inaccurate and inconsistent information from customer service

5. Customer service hours – closed three days for Labor Day

6. Why do you charge each product in the order separately on the credit card?

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I can't wait to see what Luminess Air has to say. I will tell you this.

From my past experience working as a telemarketer I have seen and known people to dishonesty sign people up for those club memberships. The reason being is that's how they make commission. Most people who will be ordering a lot can actually benefit the membership but if they just want to try it out they shouldn't agree to it. And if they do get charged and you didn't agree to it then the person who made the transaction to sign you up should be fired because that's credit card fraud.

When people sign you up for memberships that you didn't agree to, rely on the fact that you don't look at your credit card statement and see it. They benefit by it because they get the commission.

So always be careful ordering anything. Make sure you tell them NO you don't want the membership.