I purchased the luminous air product for makeup and did get some make up with it. Well I guess once I ordered a Luminess Air product that is a wrinkle remover cream and it is expensive.

I have not been home for a bit and when I kept on getting boxes of this expensive stuff I called Luminess Air. They told me they do not sell make up. They both have the same name. I never buy automated.

Even if on a channel and it is cheaper, for this reason. They did ask me then to get 50% off and take out and give it to family. So beware with credit cards not in our favors anymore and banks interest going up for consumer be careful.

How can products have same name also. So many rip offs now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Makeup Free Trial.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I agree that this post is difficult to understand. I will attempt to decipher:

It appears that the author ordered a Luminess product that appears to be a wrinkle remover as opposed to a foundation.

I surmise that while the author was away from home for an extended period of time, this product continued to arrive in the mail, unbidden by the author. When the author complained to the vendor, the vendor stated that they do not sell/ship make up - in other words the vendor denied that they sent this product to this buyer. The buyer is perplexed because the product is expensive, and the buyer swears that he/she never purchases products that have automatic replenishment clauses in their sales policy, even when they are being offered at a significantly lower price. It gets confused at this point, because even though the author seems to claim that the vendor appears to not sell this product, the author still enters into a plea with them for a return or refund at some point.

If it wasn't their product, why would the vendor bother entering into bargaining with the author? At any rate - While negotiating the return of the unwanted product, it appears that the vendor made some sort of offer in the way of a compromise - the exact nature of that compromise is unclear due to the immense difficulty the author seems to be having expressing themselves using the English language. The author also seems to be insinuating that there are companies out there selling counterfeit Luminess, and seems to think that this is possibly part of the issue they are having, but there is a great deal of confusion regarding the exact nature of events in the author's account of what happened. I believe that the last lines of the author's post is a warning regarding something along the lines of 'buyer beware'.


This post was well-intentioned, however the ability of the author to convey their message was poorly executed.

It is my opinion that there is a huge language barrier here, and that English definitely does not exist in this person's repertoire. Having said that, however, I believe the intention of the author was to convey a sincere warning against either/or a) Purchasing Luminess products since they are difficult to return and have hidden auto-send clauses and, b)Being careful regarding possible counterfeit products.


You make ZERO sense!! Your review is pointless and *** you should really read what you write before you post it.

I cant believe how annoyed this just made me.. I cant stand *** people

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