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Update by user Jul 28, 2016

OK, if you saw the interaction between Ashley from Luminess and myself when you click on "comments", I am now marking the issue as resolved. They did go and backout the incorrect charges to my debit card as promised, and they did send my order with expedited 2 day shipping at no charge also, for which I am very happy.

Now I can't wait to try the new products I bought... You need to check out their website and click on the sales or clearance. Every week new items are marked down and you can try new things you've always wanted a LOT cheaper. They don't just have sales, they have GOOD sales!!

I bought the eraser, the contour and highlight duo, the procelain prime, the sealant, and the tip top cleaning solution for my stylus machine - ALL FOR GET THIS... $51 !!! Told you, GOOD sales!! All of that at regular pricing I could never have done it - at least not all at once.

I CAN'T WAIT to try them all tomorrow and see if I continue to get compliments on my makeup like I have been since DAY ONE of using the Luminess Airbrush system. Do you know how good that feels???? Money WELL SPENT. Yes, there was the very annoying glitch that happened, but they fixed it, and I won't let it stop me from trying again next time I need or want to try something new.

I won't go back to doing my makeup the old way. My mom and my sister are going to be happy campers when I give them all my former makeup products. I was always a high-end brand purchaser because you can't skimp on your skin. I learned that the hard way.

Finally I thought I had the premium makeup for me after all these years of trying different brands. And it WAS good. But it can't compare to Airbrushing. Not in a million.

And Luminess does seem to have the upper hand as far as quality and reputation.

So my review is now updated in my OWN words. Good luck everyone!!

Update by user Jul 25, 2016

OK you guys are NOT going to believe this. I have been emailing back and forth with Luminess help.

I received (but missed) a call from their quality control manager and called back the number she gave me. I had to sit thru (while at work mind you) almost 8 minutes of advertisements for other companies. And I had to pay attention because in order to make the recording move on, I had to press this # for yest or that # for no OVER AND OVER listening to sales pitch for 4 or 5 other companies. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

All I wanted was to give them my money for their products. A new customer trying to give them additional repeat business. Now, tell me the manager who called me couldn't have given me a direct line. OH I FORGOT...

after listening to all the sales pitches, can you believe I had to hang up and call another number since "the number I called is not in my service area" ???!! Yeah, so all that *** for nothing. Meanwhile, they still decline my card even though I went thru the trouble of double checking to be sure my account had enough to cover which I knew it did. And it does.

And they have charges on my card even though supposedly the card won't work.

I am so disgusted. Here I finally found a really fun and good makeup. This company clearly doesn't care about me (the customer) because if they did they certainly wouldn't make an already angry and discontent customer listen to a bunch of sales pitches for OTHER *** COMPANIES when I am a working woman taking time out of my busy schedule to call LUMINESS regarding THEIR ERRORS!!

If I want Tmobile, Sprint, A Vacation in the Bahamas or any of the other *** that the LUMINESS PHONE NUMBER makes me listen to only to be given a DIFFERENT NUMBER after wasting all my time as it is. I really cannot believe this. I'd be embarrassed if I were them. They are making themselves look like shoddy, 2nd rate unprofessionals - as a whole.

Not Ashley personally - because she's been professional. Not exactly helpful, but she must be quite a gem for her employer because if this is how they operate she must deal with hundreds of pissed off people every day. COME ON. I just want to buy some of your products.

Does it really need to take 5 emails thus far, and phone tag, and my being forced to sit through endless sales pitches??? SO DISAPPOINTED. I'm going to shop around for other makeup that is for airbrushing and hope for the best. Because I really do enjoy doing makeup this way.

This experience has been just awful and I can't see me going thru this every time I run out of a product though. It's good stuff but NOT WORTH THIS MUCH TROUBLE.

Get it together over there. Seriously.

Update by user Jul 23, 2016 I'M PISSED. Here...look at my email to them....

After defending you with a GLOWING review on, urging the furious posters to deal directly with YOUR website and to not give up on Luminess because of their horrible issues dealing with the trial website, I just TRIED to order over $50 of product from you.

You DECLINED my DEBIT CARD THREE TIMES IN ERROR MIND YOU, frustrating me completely seeing as I had to re-enter tbe products I want to purchase over again each time. I kept trying because I know there is NO reason for a decline unless I entered card # wrong, or because I wanted shipped to different address than my billing address which is sometimes an issue for first time orders as a new customer. ... in my VAST online shopping experience.

..I know what I'm doing.  THEN, I check my balance and there's 8 charges against my DEBIT. HOW DARE YOU.




Original review posted by user Jul 22, 2016

Hi. I once ordered a different product off the TV infomercial and was totally misled and went through *** trying to stop the deductions from my account.

I learned the hard way never to go thru the trial offer. I just ordered my Luminess Basic Airbrush kit thru Amazon at an excellent price, knowing that Amazon protects their customers when dissatisfied and provides hassle free refunds. Of course you can't get it at the trial price as you need to pay in full. But it's better than being duped by the company that is selling the product FOR Luminess.

I just got it yesterday and practiced it that night. Today I went for it and used it knowing it better work out or I'd be late for work. IT WAS SO FUN, and I was so pleased. Hey it wasn't perfect but with practice I know it'll be awesome.

I got 2 compliments at work and I was thrilled. The product delivered on it's promise and like I said it was a blast to use! I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow morning to really spend some time playing around with it since I'm off work. Don't purchase anything thru those infomercials.

In fact although I probably wouldn't have even known about it if not for it being on tv, I learned from past experience to seek it out from a reputable source. This supplier is costing Luminess customers while at same time giving them exposure. So they need to reconsider who they allow to represent their product. I'm a believer in their product so far.

Hope the actual machine and stylus last because I don't plan on doing my makeup any other way now that I've experienced airbrushing. I love it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Luminess Air Response

Hi Dina,

Even though we have settled the issue I still want to address via online. Unfortunately, we are not able to control a credit card company blocking charges against our company.

Many times your credit card company will reach out to you to make sure it was actually you who placed the order, if a new company tries to make a charge. Once the credit card company gets the ok to let the charges go through, the order may be placed. This is the exact situation that occurred. The order has since been placed correctly for you with a 2 day rush added for free for your inconvenience.

I can assure you that you will never have a worry, as the Luminess charges are now an ok with your card company and will no longer be blocked. You have my contact email, if you have any further questions or concerns.

A change in review is strongly suggested as there was a big misunderstanding regarding our company and your issue was addressed right away and taken care of. We greatly appreciate you as a customer and thank you so much for choosing Luminess Air.

@Luminess Air Response

Yes Ashley, I explained that as soon as the charges against my card that DID go through even though a declined message came up are removed, and the order arrives correctly, that I would update this review. I was about to write something saying that such and such was happening, but you did that already, so I'll just wait until tomorrow or the next day to see that everything is in fact as we discussed would happen.

I will say however, that I am an avid online shopper. Amazon, QVC, EVINE, Bonton, Zappos,, and tons more....I have never had my card declined from any of them. So I'm not sure why your company would get blocked - yet charges actually DID go through. So I'm agreeing to throw that up to a weird fluke.

Anyway, thank you for personally handling things so far, and I will update everyone on THIS website as soon as it's all settled. Because as I said from the very start....BEFORE I WAS EVEN PISSED and was actually defending Luminess, I LOVE THIS MAKEUP AND HOPEFULLY THEY WILL TO.

Luminess Air Response

I totally agree. Thank you so much for taking the time out to keep others updated and I sincerely apologize that this has happen. I am very confident that your order will be in today and you will be fully satisfied.


I feel cheated!!

I was beliving it was 19.95

Then charges over 69 dollars appear on my account

Whats up with that???

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