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I was sent this on my email for the order I had placed last month. Then August came and I was sent this 2nd email which just upset me.

If I knew I was going to be charged $400+ for this I would have never bought it. I was being told I will get my name reported to the credit agencies. You can have all your stuff back. Everything still there.

Not worth my $400.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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As some of us often do, we hear what we want to hear and get super excited about purchasing a product from TV, without really "paying close attention", to the offer being made. They clearly have on the 1st email laid out in detail a "TRIAL" charge, (not a free trial), of $29.95 + $17.50 s&h.

Looks like when they tried to collect what was owed you either denied the payment or didn't have the available credit to cover the charges, which would then make what would have been monthly installments, turn into them requiring remittance of the entire amount in full. ("You" voided their offer of an easy plan by not paying the 1st installment). I fail to understand your complaint. My advice would be sure, if it's not late, to return the merchandise via return receipt within the "allotted" 30 "paid", (this means you owe this amount at least + s&h), trial offer.

And copy your invoice with the words CANCEL ORDER written boldly and follow up with call and an email to cancel further charges. You absolutely owe the 1st billed amount.

Whether or not you act responsibly and cancel within 30 days, you may owe it all.

I wish you luck and we all need to pay very close attention to exactly what we're agreeing to when making sometimes, quick and spur of the moment, purchasing decisions. It can and WILL effect your credit.


That was one of the most arrogant responses I have read on here ... Do you work for Luminess?? Not very nice....


Of course she works for the company in some fashion. Why the *** would a customer write THAT!!!!!!????

LOL. Pompous ***.


This could be a scam site also. So becareful of what you detailed info you put on here. I don't trust this site or any thing that has to do with luminess air


@Jeanie, What did you buy that Luminess would charge that much? There is no itemization.

If it is only the basic trial stuff, then @ kimnak, please explain how the balance “due” Jeanie could ever add up to $414? @Jeanie, if this balance includes automatic payments, and you contacted Luminess to cancel automatic payment and delivery of those products, you are not liable. If Luminess disregarded this and kept sending you stuff subsequent to your cancellation, that is their responsibility and loss. Written communication is best.

Set-up your email with a “read” confirmation. If you do not receive one, and the email does not bounce back, assume someone at Luminess received and read it. Keep all emails to and from. Telephone conversations are recorded.

Always get reps. name and note date and precise time of call. Should anything be turned over to collections, these records provide due diligence on your part. I doubt this will impact your credit rating.

If you did not cancel, you need to do so immediately in writing; e-mail is okay.

If you return items within 30 days, be sure to send either priority or certified with signature required. Good luck!

Luminess Air Response

Hi Jeanie,

We would like to apologize for any misunderstanding there may have been. The email that was sent after order is placed, does fully disclose pricing after the 30 day in home trial.

The email also provides the Customer Service number for you to answer all of your concerns.

It is encouraged that your personal information is deleted as the review is public for everyone to see. A Luminess Air Customer Service Representative would be more than happy to assist you returning if you could please contact us at 1-888-793-7474 Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm CST.

@Luminess Air Response

Customer Service;

I actually watched a commercial tonight and was very interested in ordering your system. Just by chance I looked up your website and I found this website with a lot of really horrible reviews.

I don't know if your company has made changes with its formula or you have new management but at the rate you are going with so much negative impact from clients, it's the fastest way to kill a business. I know, that from just reading these I will not be ordering from Luminous Air.


Sorry, correction.

Luminess Air.

Sign off.

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