I tried this product for 10 days and was not satisfied with how cakey it felt on ny skin. I also found out that in addition to the 19.95 I paid for the starter kit, that i now owed 59.95 a month for six months.

On top of that, i would be charged 29.95 every 2 months for refills. So, i called to get an RA number to return it. The customer service was the worst i have ever experienced. It was like they weren't even listening to me!

I finally resorted to yelling and demanding the number. This also did not work. So, my husband got on the phone! Thankfully, we did get the RA number needed to return the product, and it's going out tomorrow.

I recommend going online to Amazon and purchasing Aeroblend. It's so much nicer and affordable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Free Trial.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Scam .... if I knew this would cost $300!!!!

there was no way of knowing this .... that I saw.

And I do not like it at all.

Makes my skin look much

older. Don't be fooled.


Well, to be fair.. It was clearly stated you would wind up paying approximately $300 in those payment increments.

I remember it was so clearly stated, that it prompted me to purchase a refurbished starter kit for half the price, and got a discount from a Facebook post.

I haven't received my order yet, and have yet to speak to customer service though. But the first portion of your complaint is invalid because you neglected to read.

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