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I ordered a kit thinking it's to buy the kit in it say it was a trial and then when I called they told me it was a child I told her I don't want to try all I want to order the kit I wanted to buy it so the next day I told him I wanted me find and so they asked me why I wanted a refund I told them that they want to trial so they said give it a shot and you could try it for free so they shipped it to me and never received the kid I called the post office they told me that they never put a apartment number down so it's being shipped back to the sender I talk to someone the next day about the refund and she said why I need a refund I told her what happened that I never received my package and I ain't no that was a trial she said how about you try it and we could we should be to you in 2 days so an actor do they come in different colors she said yes they have a silver and black I said I really wanted to try the pink and black the 3 speedrun the pro so she said when I received the package I can ship the other it to you and you could try it for free when she said to call and use my extension number and wait 6 to 7 business days so I did nothing happened so I called up today AZ November 10th 2016 they're telling me that they gave me a refund but on my bank statement it showed I never got a refund from them I called up there sometime this morning they're telling me Oh I can't do nothing about it because they already issued me my refund I said well I never receive that refund and that it wasn't supposed to be a refund since I did another trial for the pink and black set so now I called yesterday and today and to speak to a manager and she's never available these people are scam artist they will try to take your money and they try to act like they don't know what happened to your money or the kids do not order from them humans are reported or taken to court and that's what my process is if I don't hear from the manager and taking them to court if I have to I'll go above their head and report them because that's fraud and it's a scam as well I don't like when people try to take advantage of people that really need the money and they try to buy their product from them and they just try to take their money that's not right at all I rather get contacted by the girls then the Luminess company because they are scam artists never ever deal with somebody higher than them to report this issue if they don't want to do nothing about it I will just take them to court if I have to

Product or Service Mentioned: Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Free Trial.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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